Pro-Life Action League held its 2010 Spring 1-day Truth Tour Tuesday – beginning at a busy intersection (under construction) – in my hometown!
truth tour 2010 my town.jpg
But boo hoo, I was MIA speaking in NY, a rare occasion when I could see a merit of cloning… :) PLAL’s Corrinna Gura made a special sign just for me…

PLAL 2010 truth tour stanek.jpg
PLAL’s Matt Yonke reported:

About halfway through the site, a woman pulled over and talked to League VP Ann Scheidler. She said she had been a teenage mother and considered abortion but was so glad she hadn’t. She was so grateful for the work the League was doing to expose the truth that she bought donuts for the tour participants….

plal truth tour 2010 ann mom.jpg
Showing the truth of abortion saves lives. And as Matt’s anecdote demonstrated, truth tours also create a local buzz that gets conversations going in all directions. On Wednesday my hairdresser told me she heard there had been an abortion protest nearby. That got us talking about the neighborhood Planned Parenthood Express and then PP’s treachery, of which she had no idea.

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