Democrats losing the “God” vote

When you look at Gallup’s abortion poll, you see abortion support took a nosedive during the Clinton presidency, then edged up slightly during the Bush years, and is tanking again under Obama’s rule.
It appears that on the issue of “choice,” Americans in the mushy middle don’t like what they consider extremism on either end.
gallup 2010 americans pro-life.gif
That said, I’d rather be on our side of the overall trend than theirs.
But “mushy middle” is an apt term, describing those who don’t have a solid core of beliefs.
obama God.jpgThus during the election season we saw Obama’s scam to woo Christians and Zionists work with those not firmly grounded. (The Bible calls this “tickling the ears.”)
But now they’re back, as the aforementioned and following polls indicate, but it’s not a phenomenon pro-lifers should take for granted. Part of our strategy must be to cement the fickle pro-life beliefs of the mushy middle. Obama has also given us an opening to attract liberal Jews….

By Salena Zito at, May 16:

Candidate Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in 2008 captured 43% of voters who attend religious services regularly, up from the 39% who supported John Kerry 4 years earlier, according to exit polling by… Pew….
That “God vote” support helped them to win in OH, as well as in IN and FL.
This year, Democrats have a “God vote” deficit….

Polls across the board show that the more religiously observant people are, the more likely they are to disapprove of the president’s job performance, says Mark Rozell, professor of public policy at George Mason University.
Many of these values voters believed Obama was different from others in his party, Rozell explained. “In 2008, he really seemed to understand ‘God talk.’ His evangelical style of discourse made him seem authentic to many of the religious voters who supported him.”
Values voters are not the only “God vote” the president is losing: His support among Jewish voters has dropped into dangerous territory.
Jewish voters are less than thrilled with the Obama administration and its foreign policy, “which could translate into discontent with the Democratic Party in the midterm elections,” said Jeff Brauer, a Keystone College political science professor.
“What is at issue is the administration’s new openness to the Muslim world while maintaining a very icy relationship with and directing harsh criticism towards the government of Israel,” he explained.
America’s Jewish vote is small – Jews make up less than 3% of the population – but its concentration in CA, FL, NY, NJ, PA, MD and MA makes it an important voting bloc in key House and Senate races, he said….
Obama the candidate was all style and promise of being different; Obama the president has advanced policies that make many of the faithful uncomfortable….
Brauer says the decreasing “God vote” support will play out most prominently with fiscally conservative Democrats: “Most of the Blue Dog Democrats heavily rely on the faithful vote to keep their seats, especially if they are in predominantly Republican districts.”…

16 thoughts on “Democrats losing the “God” vote”

  1. Ms. Stanek, fact that you have not been smited by a bolt from the heavens for daring to hold up the Bible as if it in any way lends credence or support to your hate and your promotion of violence—that’s all the proof I need that there is no god.
    The Jesus I was taught about would want nothing to do with you.

  2. Hi Coffee.
    I assume your argument goes something as follows:
    1) If God exists, then he would strike Jill Stanek with a bolt of lightning for writing this article.
    2) Jill Stanek wrote the article and has not been struck by a bolt of lightning.
    Therefore, God does not exist.
    I have all the evidence I need for the minor premise, but I’m completely baffled as to why anyone would hold the major premise as true. Why reason is there to believe the major premise? Or I could have your syllogism wrong?

  3. Bobby, I love your analytical mind.
    Coffee, as a matter of fact I’ll be in a far better place when God chooses by whatever means to end my life here. If I’m wrong about that, no harm done – I tried to live my life according to a good set of standards, even if the God I worship is folly.
    But what if you’re wrong?

  4. Jill,
    If everyone thought of every argument they were going to put forward in terms of a syllogism first, we would say ourselves soooo much sloppy thinking.

  5. I don’t understand the “mushy middle”. I have far more respect for someone who has thought about abortion and says “I’m pro-choice” than the mushy middle who can’t come up with a moral view on it.
    I just don’t like middle of the road in general. I like extremes because I see life as very black and white. There really aren’t a lot of gray areas for me. I find I have more respect for the absolute zealot pro-choicer who is out escorting at clinics than I do for the average joe who has never thought once about the issue and chooses to stick his head in the sand. Maybe thats why I love what Todd Bullis is doing. Wake up those sleeping mushy middle people!
    How does that saying go? If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything…

  6. You’re like your Lord, Sydney,
    “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write, ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God: “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”
    Re 3:14–16
    I believe God will bring tough times to our country in the next couple of years so that the mushy middle will repent.

  7. Too bad ‘coffeethroughthenose’ hasn’t actually spent any time on this site, and prefers ‘drive-by trolling’. Also too bad he/she was ‘taught’ (apparently WRONGLY) about Jesus, and hasn’t gotten to know Him on a PERSONAL level.
    *Drive-by trolling is a term I use to describe someone who just visits a site to spew some hatred and ignorance, then you never hear from them again- much like a drive-by shooting*

  8. Yeesh. I’ve been known to give Jill some friendly criticism about tying the pro-life position to Christianity, but “hate and promotion of violence”? Where? Jill is a peaceful person. You should read up on her stand *against* violence toward born-alive abortion victims, which cost her her job.

  9. Coffee, Jesus said that which you do to the least of my brothers (and here, the least must include the preborn babies who have no voice), you do unto me. Was that the Jesus you were taught about?

  10. I enjoy the line “those not firmly grounded”. Has the GOP been the great, firmly to the ground party? Larry Craig? Mark Sanford? Do the Republicans have a special endorsement from God that I hadn’t heard about?
    I think a lot of legit Christians switched their votes because they’ve been tired of the GOP talking God to get into the White House, and then spending their power by getting rich and passing on favors to their buddies. Plain and simple. Things will flip back to the GOP, but we’ll see at that point what they do with their power.
    There was no issue with people simply not being good Christians, and to think so shows a theological and intellectual stupidity that is a little scary. I think God is quite upset with both political parties, and to think otherwise is probably a bit of a case of idolatry.

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