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After yesterday’s media reports that the WI Attorney General’s office had stopped its investigation of the University of WI Madison Hospital after it stated it was abandoning plans to begin committing late-term abortions, UWM issued a statement saying not so fast:
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There are reports in today’s media that UW Health has abandoned its plans to provide second trimester pregnancy terminations. This is not true.
UW Health remains strongly committed to a comprehensive women’s reproductive health service that includes this important procedure….

All of our clinical programs are designed and implemented to best serve the needs of our patients. Because of the sensitive nature of this clinical program, we do not consider it in the best interests of our patients to discuss the timing or location of these services. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that area women have access to a comprehensive women’s health program.

Then reported last evening:

The Attorney General’s office says it is standing by its letter sent to an Eau Claire woman, which states the UW gave the AG’s office information indicating it would not be involved in late-term abortions at the Madison Surgery Center….

Kevin St. John from the AG’s office says the office contacted UW regarding the Eau Claire woman’s inquiry. St. John says they were told, through multiple emails and discussions, that late-term abortion services are not in place, that there is no plan in place to employ UW employees to perform late-term abortions at the Madison Surgery Center, and that the UW is not currently working on such a plan.

Matt Bowman from the Alliance Defense Fund, the legal group providing WI pro-lifers help in this case, emailed further analysis:

Some media are reporting that this statement DENIES that the UW is pulling the abortions out of Madison Surgery Center.
But this statement in no way denies that the UW has abandoned plans to do the abortions at the MSC. It just says UW wants to do them, generally….
And notice that they explicitly refuse to discuss the timing “or location.”…. The UW now admits that they are planning these abortions secretly….
Therefore the UW Hospital’s statement says that it is now officially engaged in an abortion cover-up. The UWHCA board is appointed by the legislature, they had a public hearing about this plan, and in 2009 they denied they had concocted the plan in secret.
But now the UW Hospital claims it can withhold information from the public about doing late-term abortions, and avoid public scrutiny about whether they will comply with a multitude of federal and state laws. The people of WI will not allow the UW Hospital to adopt an official policy of covering up abortion schemes that were discussed in a public meeting by a state agency….

The news is disappointing that UW hasn’t shut the door on committing late-term abortions, but pro-abort UW officials are only flailing themselves deeper into the morass. Their pro-abortion Ideology is making them stupid.
This only means the AG will have to keep its file open to investigate previous complaints as well as new ones. Pro-lifers will not let this go. Stay tuned.
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