serena freewomyn 2.jpgOn the Abortion Gang blog today activist Serena Freewomyn (pictured right) wrote a post entitled, “An appeal to the silent majority.”
At 1st I was confused. We’re not so silent. And what in the world could Serena want from us?
Oh, wait, Serena was speaking to her own peeps? She must not have gotten 2 years worth of memos showing more Americans are pro-life than pro-abortion. Actually, Serena got it half right. Abortion advocates may not comprise the majority, but since 1973 at least 1/3 have indeed been silenced.
But I’ll let that slide since Serena’s post was otherwise insightful…

… Dr. George Tiller’s… death has motivated many people, myself included, to become more active in the pro-choice movement. Many of us have become clinic escorts and web-savvy activists.

missing aborted.png

But there aren’t enough of us out there making a difference. We need more visible allies.
The upside is that the wing nuts who hassle patients at abortion clinics are in the minority. The sad part of this, though, is that they are vocal, well-funded, and extremely organized. They know how to make life miserable for women and the doctors who serve them. And it’s time to make them stop.
Our generation is considered to be apathetic…. 20- and 30-somethings who spend most of their time on social networking sites, tweeting about the latest American Idol contestant, and griping about oil spills in the Gulf. It’s not that we don’t care – we do. We’re just very busy with our own lives….
The generation of feminists who has gone before us is ready to pass the baton onto someone else, and we need to be ready to step up to the challenge.
If you are pro-choice but you don’t do anything about it, you need to get involved. Don’t just talk sh** about the wingnuts, get out there and do something about it….
Let’s out-maneuver the wingnuts. Since they spend their time making ridiculous posters and spewing lies, it shouldn’t be hard to do. But we have to make it a priority. Will you do it?

abortion baby 2.jpgThe problem is, Serena, abortion isn’t inspiring. Here, take a look.
Meanwhile we ridiculous wingnuts are inspired to stop it.
Of course, Serena, the other reason “there aren’t enough of us out there making a difference” and why old feminists are having such trouble finding young feminists “to pass the baton onto” is because they’ve been aborted.
[Photo of Serena via Queercents]

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