UPDATE, 6/19, 6:51a: 2 blog commenters made points worth posting about the tidbit in FMF’s alert, “Our legal team is now working to retain legal council.”
Praxedes wrote, “So they need more money to pay lawyers to advise the lawyers they already have?” And Mary added, “Shouldn’t that be counsel?”
Both excellent.
6/18, 7:44a: I don’t know if Mississippi’s last standing abortion mill really is in financial trouble of if the Feminist Majority Foundation has simply stumbled on a good fundraising tactic.
Thumbnail image for jackson women's health organization.jpgWhatever, yesterday came FMF’s 3rd “urgent” and “emergency” appeal in 3-1/2 weeks to save the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (pictured right). See previous 2 here and here. This alert included a new tidbit, “Our legal team is now working to retain legal council.”
As I reported last week, there has been no mention of an “anti-abortion extremist” intruder in the press, but had such an “invas[ion]” actually taken place we can rest assured MSM would have been all over it. Click to enlarge…

fmf 3rd appeal.png

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