Final figures at the AK Dept. of Administration site aren’t in, so the amount of money 13 Planned Parenthood affiliates wasted in their unsuccessful attempt to stop the Alaskan parental notification Ballot Measure 2 is likely higher.

But receipts submitted thus far indicate they blew a lot as it is, together spending $638k. This is money pro-lifers can take comfort in knowing PP can never spend on any other pro-abort politician or endeavor to kill kids. It’s gone. Meanwhile Ballot Measure 2 won 55-45%.

PP of the Great Northwest takes the prize, contributing over half a mil – $524k. Of course. It’s “the biggest abortion provider in AK,” according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Altogether the umbrella group, Alaskans against Government Mandates, raised $823k, although roughly $100k is unaccounted for (and may never be, according to an AK Dept. of Administration official I spoke with today, who said they’re short-staffed).  Here were the PP affiliates that ganged up against Alaskan parents:

  • PP Advocacy Project of Los Angeles Co.
  • PP Affiliates of CA
  • PP Affiliates of MI
  • PP Columbia Williamette
  • PP of the Great Northwest
  • PP of Greater WA and North ID
  • PP Mar Monte
  • PP of Orange and San Bernadino Cos.
  • PP Pasadena and San Gabriel Cos.
  • PP St. Louis Region
  • PP San Diego & Riverside
  • PP Shasta Diablo
  • Six Rivers PP
  • You can see most of the PPs were in CA. So it stands to reason they used the very same tv ad in AK that was successful in withstanding CA’s Prop 4 parental notice initiative in 2008. Note the Adirondack chairs in the sunny backyard that apparently left Alaskans cold:

    And here was that 2008 CA Prop 4 ad:

    Meanwhile what an encouragement to know that while Alaskans for Parental Rights raised only about 1/6 as the pro-abort losers – $145k – they still won the day. Congrats to them!

    Professor Michael New noted at National Review Online today that this win “made history”:

    This marks the first time that the pro-life movement has used the citizen initiative to pass a parental-involvement law. (The other 29 parental-involvement laws currently in effect were all enacted through the legislative process.)…

    New noted several reasons for this victory, including a shift  in public sentiment on the life issue.

    Not that it’s over. According to the Anchorage Daily News:

    In 1997, the state Legislature passed a law that said teens had to get the consent of a parent or approval from a judge before getting an abortion.

    But court challenges prevented the law from taking effect and in 2007, the state Supreme Court struck it down 3-2, saying teens had a constitutional right to make such an important decision themselves. The court left the door open for a law requiring parents to be notified.

    The measure’s opponents said they will look into the possibility of another court challenge.

    Meanwhile PP has set up a web page reassuring pregnant teen mothers that parental notification isn’t yet law, whew. Notice the url is As Anna at Americans United for Life cynically noted, “But CPCs the deceptive ones.”

    Another point of interest by Mary Kate Cary at the US News & World Report blog:

    Politico is reporting that only 90k people voted in the Senate race – but 131k votes were cast for or against [the] parental notification proposal…. [US Senate Republican primary apparent victor Joe] Miller believes the ballot question… had a big effect on his race:

    Miller told Politico that voters who approved the ballot measure likely supported his campaign. Although both Miller and Murkowski said they supported Measure 2, Murkowski is one of the few Republicans in the Senate who generally supports legislation supporting abortion rights – a point that Miller drove home in some of his last-minute advertisements.

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