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  • Pastor Walter Hoye’s convictions for supposedly violating Oakland’s abortion bubble ordinance have been overturned:

    In a ruling Wednesday, a 3-judge Superior Court panel said trial Judge Stuart Hing had failed to tell jurors what they had to conclude before convicting Hoye.

    When jurors asked Hing during deliberations to define the “approach” that the ordinance prohibited, the judge told them to use the everyday meaning of the word.

    But the panel said the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a similar case from CO in 2000 that an abortion protester who stands still, and speaks or hands leaflets to patients who walk by, cannot be convicted of knowingly approaching the patient.

  • A few months ago there was news about a young girl (10 at the time) in Mexico who was impregnated by her step-father. Pro-choice groups attempted to use the situation to attack Mexico’s abortion law while other media outlets reported that the girl didn’t want an abortion. She recently gave birth.
  • An IN man who had a sexual relationship with a teenage girl (whom he met at church) allegedly gave her $600 for an abortion in case she became pregnant:

    David E. Nelson, 32, is accused of having sexual relations with a teenage girl on 2 occasions. An investigation into the alleged crime began in late July when representatives from the Putnam County Department of Child Services received a complaint about Nelson….

    Court documents also alleged that Nelson gave the victim $600. The victim told her mother Nelson had given her the money to keep quiet about their relationship; she later told police he had given her the money “for an abortion if she was pregnant.”

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