I read this tweet on Steph Herold’s IAmDrTiller account this morning:

“Fill prescriptions w/o discrimination” is code for forcing pharmacies and pharmacists, even if against their moral convictions, to dispense emergency contraceptives. ECs may kill newly conceived humans.

Sure enough, great news – and x2. 1st we see an anti-life decision being reversed; and 2nd it’s happening in a liberal state. According to Planned Parenthood of WA:

On Tuesday, August 17th, the WA State Board of Pharmacy  issued an official notice that they intend to make a new pharmacy rule and end the requirement that pharmacies dispense medications without discrimination or delay.

This controversy dates back to 2006, when BOP attempted to enact a rule forcing pharmacies and pharmacists to dispense ECs even if in violation of their consciences.

A pharmacy and 2 pharmacists promptly sued in 2007 when the rule took effect, and the case has been tied up in court since.

When the case was scheduled to go to trial on July 26, BOP asked for and was granted a stay, stating it proposed to change the rules back. In granting the stay, the judge tipped his hand, according to RH:

Judge Ronald Leighton… may very well have ruled in favor of the plaintiffs (the pharmacy and pharmacists bringing the suit).

Leighton provided a small window into his views on issues related to womens’ health and rights during the motion for summary judgement when he stated that he “knew of no other case, in the country, until this one, that chips away at that protective cocoon” established by government after Roe v. Wade to protect those with a religious objection to providing abortion services, via conscience clauses.

He was also concerned that his local Catholic hospital, St. Joe’s in Tacoma, WA,  would be forced to provide emergency contraception in their pharmacy, should the case be won by the state….

I should note the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2009 refused to issue an injunction against the rule, giving the other side a 1st round win – no surprise, given that court’s radical liberal bent.

But our side stuck with it and won. Congrats to WA pro-lifers. Given that the abortion drug Ella, falsely classified as an emergency contraceptive by the FDA, is now on the horizon, the stakes grow higher.

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