A September 25 Quinnipiac poll found 57% of New Yorkers oppose building a mosque on the site where wreckage from the airliner piloted by Mohammed Atta crashed through the roof on 9/11, 2 blocks from the World Trade Center. Only 32% think the Muslim plan is ok.

The opinion of Americans nationwide is even more pronounced. Time magazine found they polled 61% against, 26% for.

In NY the political divide on this issue is great. While 90% of Republicans oppose the mosque, only 34% of Democrats support it, according to Quinnipiac.

And of course the Saturday Night Live team would reside in the Democrat camp. Hence their skit this past weekend attempting to pigeonhole those opposed to building a mosque so close to Ground Zero as social conservatives.

This mock ad ostensibly by the Republican National Committee “hilarious[ly]… advertises doing everything conservatives fear in the place they fear most,” according to HuffPo

Whatever. An honest ad would have shown homosexuals being imprisoned or stoned, as these are punishments meted in Muslim societies for those committing the practice.

Likewise, Muslims find abortion for reasons other than necessary “detestable” and a “sin,” according to scholars’ writings as quoted by Wikipedia.

The SNL skit spotlights one of the idiocies of liberalism. Egalitarian treatment of women, abortion, gays, and Left-biased journalism would be the first to go were Muslims to rule America.

Yet those supporting all the aforementioned inexplicably support Islam – solely because it is antithetical to Judeo-Christianity, with its foundation in the legitimate Isaac vs. illegitimate Ishmael divide. Liberals will go so far as to support those who would kill, imprison, or forcibly shut them up out of their hatred for He for whom we stand.

And what’s up with using “pregnancy termination” rather than “abortion”? Has now even that word become politically incorrect due to its negative connotations?

[HT: Laura Loo]

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