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  • The National Post has information about students who were arrested at Carleton University in Ottawa for attempting to display graphic photos of aborted children:4 of the students are members of Carleton Lifeline and a 5th is a supporter from another campus. Ottawa police took them into custody and charged them with trespassing yesterday after they attempted to erect the display on the school’s Tory Quad.

    “The students feel they were turned down simply because their opinions are unpopular,” said Albertos Polizogopoulos, the lawyer representing the students. “They believe the university has acted outside of their own policies. Those policies include students not to be not discriminated against, academic freedom, free exchange of ideas on campus. This is not a case of pro-life versus pro-choice; this is a free speech issue.”

    A 44-year-old FL man named Peter J. Fehily was jailed after attacking his 26-year-old girlfriend after they argued about her recent abortion:The woman told deputies that she and Fehily were arguing over her abortion when he chased her into the garage. The woman hid in a vehicle, but Fehily broke the glass and stabbed at her with a broken beer bottle, a report says.

  • A CO State pro-choice group is preparing for Justice for All’s visit:“We need to do something,” said Lexy Hall, who is one of 3 women planning today’s pro-choice response to the campus visitors. “These folks come to campus every year, and we need to voice our views the same way they do.”

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