* Make sure you read on to the 2nd article for the shockingly low amount of money Democrats for Life is contributing to its candidates this election cycle.

From Time’s Swampland blog on October 6:

… At the same time, there has been a parallel movement within the pro-life world this cycle. Just as Tea Partiers have been purging the GOP ranks of so-called RINOs – UT’s Bob Bennett, PA’s Arlen Specter and Lisa Murkowski in AK come to mind – pro-lifers have been doing some purging of their own….

If Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List have their way, there will be hardly any pro-life Dems left after the elections – at least not any that voted for the health care bill. As I’ve reported before, the so-called Stupak dozen are being heavily targeted and have virtually nowhere to go for help.

Here’s why, from a Politico story October 7, with those aforementioned figures that astounded  me:

Now, SBA List is engaged in a multimillion-dollar attack on its former allies….

On the other hand, Democrats for Life of America, the group most fiercely devoted to defending anti-abortion Democrats, has been essentially inactive this election cycle. Its political action committee brought in $2,431 and spent a paltry $308, according to FEC filings. DFLA has made no contributions to federal candidates….

If the previous decade saw the rise of the anti-abortion Democrats, the next few years could well be their demise. Abortion rights opponents triumphed in socially conservative and traditionally Republican districts, helping solidify Democratic control of Congress.

In the 43 districts held by Democrats with mixed or complete anti-abortion voting records… the outlook is bleak: 4 lean Republican, 12 are tossups and 9 lean just slightly Democratic, according to The Cook Political Report. Just 12 anti-abortion Democrats’ seats are considered safe….

Many of the anti-abortion Democrats are campaigning in an uneasy no-man’s land: out of line with the party platform but with little support from the country’s most influential anti-abortion groups….

“I fully expect they will be in decline,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser…. “Not only with their decision making but because the Democratic Party has not been overly enthusiastic about protecting them.”

Day said DFLA’s next FEC filing will show $2,500 spread over 10 candidates….

“I’m afraid for the pro-life movement and the future of it when you’re saying there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat,” said Day. “It’s not a smart strategy for the pro-life movement but a great strategy for Republicans.”

Look, it’s not an error in judgment on the part of the pro-life community if it purges so-called pro-life Democrats who voted for Obamacare. They did this to themselves. They were warned. They screwed the babies.

These people buckled to a pro-abort leadership that was only using them as tools anyway. The party wanted their bodies – to give it the majority – but not their beliefs.

There are many lessons here for pro-life politicians identifying themselves as Democrats. Don’t trust your party, which used you and then abandoned you, and don’t cross pro-lifers.

And what in the world is Democrats for Life doing complaining when it is doing nothing to help its candidates?  DFL’s abysmal donations should be a clear indicator its party has no tolerance for it either.

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