Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • ProLifeBlogs highlights another welcome announcement out of NJ: another NJ Planned Parenthood has closed due to Gov. Christie’s halt on taxpayer funding for organizations that support abortion.

  • SuzyB reports Thai lawmakers are trying to end horrors like the discovery of 2000 aborted children at a Buddhist temple – by loosening abortion restrictions – “because the answer to death and destruction is more death and destruction?”
  • Andy Moore of Star Studded Super Step grieved with the rest of New Zealand when 29 miners died in a mine disaster – but when he dared to compare the human toll to that of abortion, many attacked him as being heartless.
  • ProWomanProLife highlights an opinion piece by George Jonas about the free speech issue occurring on Canadian college campuses. Jonas states:If a mob disrupted a pro-choice speaker at a Canadian university, chances are the protesters would be removed. If a mob disrupted a pro-life speaker at a Canadian university, chances are the speech would be canceled.
  • Wesley J. Smith blogs about an assisted suicide case in Germany, where a man is suing over the government’s “refusal to grant his late wife authorization to acquire a lethal dose of medication enabling her to commit voluntary, assisted suicide.” She was paralyzed after a fall and wanted to die. When German authorities refused to allow it, she committed suicide in a Swiss clinic. This ruling is by the European Court of Human Rights is key.
  • RealChoice continues to chronicle abortion deaths and includes a graph showing that prior to legalization of abortion – contrary to pro-abortion propaganda – 90% of criminal abortions were performed by doctors.
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