UPDATE 1/30, 12:20p NZ (1/29, 5:20p CST US): Bryan and I will speak 8x in 6 places around this 2-island country during our 13-day stay.

January 27 it was to an impressive group of 50 young people at the Maxim Institute in Auckland, NZ’s counterpart to the Heritage Foundation.

January 29 it was an all-day workshop and speaking event in NZ’s capital, Wellington (see photo right and below), which is what most of our speaking events will look like. Bryan and I each give 2 workshops during the day and our testimony at night. My workshops are on 1) pro-life blogging/social media; and 2) the abortion-breast cancer link.

The weather is beautiful, 70-80 degrees, and the Kiwis are very warm and kind people, particularly the pro-lifers.

It has been interesting trying to get a handle on the situation here. NZ is very secular, so there has been concern about bringing too much God into our speeches for fear of alienating prospects and being dismissed by the media.  Bryan and I have tried to strike a balance without completely gutting our testimonies of their most important component.

The other prob in NZ is cultural apathy about abortion. The country is also very PC, even more so than the US. I realize now looking at us from the outside that American pro-lifers are quite boisterous and assertive compared to some others, a foreign but attractive concept to pro-lifers here trying to launch an activist spirit.

We told them we by no means have all the answers. After all, American’s abortion rate is just a smidge lower than NZ’s. There is certainly much for all of us to learn from one another. But American pro-life activists are definitely on the offensive, both overtly and subversively attempting to make pro-aborts miserable at every turn, along with everything else we have going on to stop abortion. “No justice, no peace” is the favorite motto of many of us.

Cheers until next time!

1/25, 11:04p: Tonight Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries and I are embarking on a 2-week whirlwind pro-life speaking tour to  6 cities in New Zealand! Am happy hubby Rich gets to tag along for the adventure.

Am writing from LAX, with a 12-hour flight coming up. NZ time is 18 hours ahead of CST. Rich has already figured out he’ll be watching the Super Bowl at 1p, Monday, February 7.

I will be posting as often as I can but the timing of my posts may be weird, coming in at all hours. Kelli will still post Susie Allen’s (Prolifer)ations, Jivin J’s Life Links, and Laura Loo’s Lunch Breaks.

“Cheers!’ as they say in NZ for good-bye… :)

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