Word has just been received that the film Eggsploitation has been nominated for Best Documentary in the 2011 California Independent Film Festival.

Eggsploitation, produced by The Center for Bioethics and Culture, “spotlights the booming business of human eggs told through the tragic and revealing stories of real women who became involved and whose lives have been changed forever,” according to the website.

I’ve written before about the physical harm of egg harvesting to women, not to mention concerns over exploitation of women as human hens. Even liberal feminists are apprehensive. So the film’s growing publicity and affirmation is welcome news.

Eggsploitation is making the rounds on college campuses, from whence almost all egg donors are recruited.

While egg donations are usually touted for infertile couples, they are also coveted for embryonic stem cell research. The dirty little secret of escr is that there aren’t enough eggs for it, even as proponents often sell it as a way to use “‘leftover’ embryos” otherwise headed for destruction.

The dvd is available for sale.

Here’s the trailer…

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