The photos are priceless. Click all to enlarge.

On March 19, 11  pro-life  activists “took Planned Parenthood up on their invitation to stand with them during a 1-1/2 hour rally at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle,” wrote the Herring Family at The Anti-Choice Project blog. “You can imagine their surprise when we joined the crowd carrying 4′ x 3′ pictures of what babies look like as they leave PP.”

Indeed. Why the cover-up? You would think pro-abort supporters who “stand with Planned Parenthood” would embrace all that PP stands for, right? But no….

About the protest Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform noted in an email:

Congressman Pence, who is spearheading the effort to defund PP, says this battle is about abortion, but PP is struggling to make it about PAP smears and breast exams.

Then our photos show up and not only change the subject back to abortion but worse, force PP to debate baby-killing instead of “choice.”

PP wants to keep abortion vague so as to lie about who the baby is and what abortion does to him. This is another example of how just a few photos completely panics America’s largest and must powerful abortion provider. Wake up, pro-life skeptics.

See more photos at The Anti-Choice Project.

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