This question is philosophical. In his book, The God Who is There, Finding Your Place in God’s Story, D. A. Carson writes:

Genesis 3 shows what we most need. If you are a Marxist, what you need are revolutionaries and decent economists. If you are a psychologist, what you need is an army of counselors. If you think that the root of all breakdown and disorder is medical, what you really need is large numbers of Mayo Clinics. But if our first and most serious need is to be reconciled to God… then what we need the most, though we may have all of these other derivative needs, is to be reconciled to him. We need someone to save us.

This got me thinking. What exactly are abortion proponents searching for that will legitimize abortion? That is their ultimate goal, isn’t it? The fight isn’t just to keep abortion legal, it’s also to destigmatize it.

So what is it they need to achieve that ambition?

Or conversely, what exactly is it that keeps acceptance of abortion elusive, even 38 years after it was legalized?

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