Pittsburgh City Council today addressed two lawsuits filed by anti-abortion advocates, and it’s considering the repeal of an ordinance at the center of one of the disputes.

Council gave final approval to a $10,000 settlement with Keith Tucci over a trespassing citation he was issued last year near a Planned Parenthood clinic….

The citation, which Mr. Tucci called a violation of his 1st and 14th Amendment rights, ultimately was dismissed by a district judge.

Council also introduced legislation today that would pay $35,000 to settle a suit filed by anti-abortion activists Kathleen Ramsey of Ross and Albert Brunn of Stanton Heights.

The pair, whose activities include leaving pamphlets on cars, sued to overturn a city ordinance that restricts leafleting as a hedge against littering.

Ms. Ramsey and Mr. Brunn called the ordinance an illegal restriction on fair speech. As part of the settlement, council would repeal the ordinance against leafleting.

~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 26

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