There is no one on the planet who believes a tumor has the right to life. When one is shown an image of his brain tumor, it is not to see if perhaps the tumor is worth keeping around – if its cute little tendrils of malignancy won’t awaken some parental compassion in the patient’s heart….

Abortions are never easy things, and forcing a woman to view a sonogram against her will makes it even more difficult. First-trimester fetuses are not people in any sane sense of the word – their organs cannot function independently, and they possess submammalian levels of cognition, if any. Yet they look vaguely like babies. Adult humans, with our visually oriented neo-cortices, will automatically ascribe them human characteristics. That’s an inescapable fact of our biology.

~Brandon K. Thorpe, claiming ultrasound before an abortion is “pro-life propaganda,” Broward-Palm Beach New Times, April 23, 2011

[Photo of 20 week fetus via]

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