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  • Politico has an article on the reason why pro-choice organizations aren’t challenging fetal pain laws banning abortion after 20 weeks:

    Republican legislatures across the country are passing tough new anti-abortion laws – and while abortion rights advocates believe the new laws are unconstitutional, they’re not rushing to court to stop them.

    The reason: There’s a decent chance they’d lose….

    The Center for Reproductive Rights, a stalwart defender of abortion rights, says that the law ranks lower down in its priorities since it only regulates a small number of procedures that occur later in the pregnancy.

    Strange, they didn’t have that problem when it came to partial-birth abortion….

  • Dahlia Lithwick’s column in Slate has more information into “scared of what Justice Kennedy could do” thinking inside the leadership at pro-choice organizations. It’s also noteworthy that this thinking doesn’t seem to go over well with the pro-choice ground troops.
  • A sheriff’s office in North Carolina is investigating a former high school teacher after a college student’s personal essay describes having an affair with a teacher and him taking her to an out-of-town abortion clinic.
  • Here’s a new pro-life commercial featuring Abby Johnson:


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