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  • ProWomanProLife highlights a story from the April 3rd Academy of Country Music awards show featuring “Music from the Heart.” See the song below as performed by Darius Rucker and a choir of young people with developmental disorders:


  • Bryan Kemper shares his reasons for not avoiding the subject of his faith in Jesus Christ when he does pro-life work and gives pro-life speeches.
  • Vital Signs reveals how the United Nations continues to undermine parental rights when it comes to abortion and contraception.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses mediating bioethics committees, and how they have morphed into the “death panels” who decide upon life or death care for patients.
  • Secular ProLife takes apart the various labels and rhetoric used in the abortion debate.
  • Mark Crutcher points out the use of euphemisms by pro-aborts to make abortion sound less harsh and ease consciences:The pro-life movement is not now, has never been, and will never be, opposed to pregnancy terminations. We are fully aware that all pregnancies terminate. When a woman is pregnant, the only question is whether her pregnancy will terminate with a live baby or a dead baby. And that is a biological fact our enemies will never be able to change….

    The pro-life contention is that all pregnancies should terminate with living babies. Meanwhile, the pro-choice forces find it acceptable for their tiny corpses to rot in dumpsters or be eaten by rats in the sewer system.

    This reminds me of a young girl I spoke to outside a Planned Parenthood who said, “I am not having an abortion. I wouldn’t do that. I made a mistake and I am having a pregnancy termination.”

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