by moderator Carla

Jill and The Mod Squad are so grateful that our beloved Bethany and her family are safe and sound after last week’s tornadoes ripped through the South.

Although the city where Bethany lives was devastated, her family’s home was undamaged, thank God. But they are still without power at this time and so are many cities surrounding them.

An additional touching element to this story is that Bethany is an amazing artist who has donated hundreds of hours to make her city more beautiful and quaint by painting murals on some of its older buildings.

Thankfully, Bethany reports all her murals survived. Several are pictured in this post. Click all to enlarge.

Please continue to pray for those affected by the devastation of last week’s storms. There is much to be done in the rebuilding process.

If you would like to help, Samaritan’s Purse is one group that is already helping and could use your donations.

Below are some photos Bethany took of the devastation in her hometown:

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