I read this glorious point to ponder by pro-abort Robin Marty at RH Reality Check the other day:

All of this time, we thought South Dakota would be the first state to unofficially go “abortion free”…. Turns out Kansas may beat it to the punch.

It turns out Marty may be right.

The Kansas City Star is reporting this afternoon that 2 of the 3 abortion mills in Kansas have apparently failed health department inspections and do not meet the new licensing criteria:

Kansas health regulators said today that the abortion clinics they’ve inspected so far have failed to meet the requirements to get a license under a law that takes effect Friday.

The agency refused to identify the clinics.

However, the state has already notified Aid for Women in Kansas City, KS, that it would not be licensed under the new law. That clinic has not been inspected, but the decision was based on its written application.

Planned Parenthood of Overland Park was inspected last week, and officials there could not be reached for comment early today.

“Those applicants to date that have undergone a full initial review have failed to meet the minimum health and safety standards…,” KDHE Secretary Robert Moser said in a statement.

While the Star only mentions 2 clinics, the 3rd, Center for Women’s Health, was scheduled for an inspection yesterday, June 22.

So it appears all 3 have failed their inspections. But this does not necessarily mean they’ll be shut down. Back to the Star:

The agency said it will continue to work with applicants and provide follow-up inspections if it appears that the areas of noncompliance can be worked out….

Peter Brownlie, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said his agency has not been licensed yet. He reiterated that the inspection results indicated that his agency will be in full compliance on or by Friday.

Brownlie said he has had communications with the state, but would not disclose any details. He said he would honor the state’s desire to keep the proceedings confidential for the time being.

Haha. Of course Browlie will “honor” keeping the general public from finding out how exactly his clinic failed its inspection.

The backstory: On May 16 pro-life Governor Sam Brownback signed a law regulating the state’s abortion clinics. Per the Associated Press:

Kansas will require annual, unannounced inspections of abortion clinics, impose new health and safety rules specifically for them and prevent them from using telemedicine systems to dispense pregnancy-terminating drugs….

The new law takes effect July 1….

Along with mandating annual inspections, the new law directs the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to write standards for exits, lighting, bathrooms and equipment. KDHE would issue annual licenses, have the power to fine clinics and could go to court to shut them down.

KDHE was quick to act. According to the Kansas City Star, June 21:

KS officials have taken only a few weeks to draft new abortion clinic regulations and plan to decide by July whether to give the state’s 3 clinics the licenses they need to continue operating….

The new law… gives the department the power to issue fines or go to court to shut clinics down for violating the new standards….

[O]n May 26 – 10 days after the legislation was signed by the governor – the department told the clinics that new regulations would be take effect in July.

A June 9 letter said the clinics would know whether they were licensed by July 1 and came with a copy of new regulations. A June 13 letter said revised regulations would be issued within days.

[Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri CEO Peter] Brownlie said Planned Parenthood received its copy Monday [June 20]….

While clinic owners are complaining the new regs are “ridiculous,” they were drawn from National Abortion Federation standards.

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