Will incarcerated Illinois guvs make Choose Life license plates?

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Got the above in an email today, and the glorious thought struck me that either of these guys might some day be stamping “Choose Life” license plates. Republican George Ryan (left) was a pro-life turncoat, and Democrat Rod Blagojevich (right) was as pro-death as they come.

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3 thoughts on “Will incarcerated Illinois guvs make Choose Life license plates?”

  1. Both of these current and soon to be jailbirds sought to fatten their campaign coffers by currying favor with wealthy pro-aborts. While that was not their downfall, nevertheless it is symtomatic of a conscience poorly formed.

    Blago at least did not try to pass himself off as a pro-lifer, whereas Ryan did. Blago was (is) the definition of “narcissist” and Ryan became as corrupt as the system in which he toiled.

    Both thought they would never get caught…a lesson for anyone entertaining the thought of engaging in less than lawful activities.  The common denominator between the two was incredible arrogance.  


  2. I’m pretty sure both these men were convicted of federal charges, and thus will (or are) serving time in federal custody.  License plates are made in state prisons. (if that’s even true anymore).


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