Likewise, Efrat, which works ‘to save Israel’s babies’ has said that “Israel has lost more than 1.5 million Jewish children to abortion since 1948. In a country of about 5.5 million Jews, this number has great demographic significance. Imagine how much stronger Israel would have been today with one million more Jews. Imagine if we could create an ‘Inner Aliyah’ [immigration to Israel] of 10 to 15,000 Jews a year.”

According to Efrat, “Israel is currently fighting a war for her very survival as a Jewish State…. The Arab birth rate is about double the Jewish birth rate of 2.3. It is forecast that the Arabs will be the majority in Israel by the year 2020.”…

Even if making Jewish babies and outnumbering the Arabs are not the primary reasons that  Efrat volunteers give women for ‘keeping a baby’, they do work against that backdrop.

This politicisation of women’s wombs, this turning of what is essentially a private matter into a public duty, is a good reason to hope that the Israeli anti-abortion lobby doesn’t get a stronger hearing.

~ Abortion proponent Nathalie Rothschild on the pro-life movement in Israel, Spiked, July 22