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Ironic government app of the day

Here’s the description of this app… ”The Embryo App uses mobile telecommunication and multimedia technologies to add interactive capabilities to the digital information, enhancing our understanding of embryo development.” So in case you are bored at your next board meeting you can watch an embryo develop. ~ Bridget discussing the Embryo App available at the […]

Percentage of ob/gyns offering abortion declines to 14%

Great opening line in this MedPage Today article, August 24: There may be fewer obstetrician/gynecologists performing abortions than previously estimated, researchers said. The good news is that only 14% of 1,031 ob/gyns responding to a new survey said they commit abortions, down from 22% in 2008. The results were published in the September issue of […]

Lunch Break: Pudgy baby

by LauraLoo Squeeeee!  I was drawn at first to this adorable baby’s pudgy arms! :D  But here’s the background on this video according to the poster: My 7-month-old daughter laughs at her 2-year-old brother for throwing a tantrum.  We were in the middle of cleaning up the house.  He has no myelin sheaths in his brain so he […]

Pregnancy more serious than “ordering a pizza”

Pregnancy should not be the same as ordering a pizza. America is accustomed to having options, which is great, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere. … IVF patients… should sign a contract ahead of time agreeing they will have both babies and give one up for adoption if they do not want both. […]

Jivin J’s Life Links 8-24-11

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat Rick Perry has signed the Susan B. Anthony List’s presidential pro-life pledge: “I not only pledge to protect unborn life, but have a record of doing so in Texas,” Perry said in a statement. “I have signed legislation requiring parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion, […]

Lunch Break: Tony Bennett interview and release of “Duets II”

by LauraLoo Musical performers don’t get much better than the classy and legendary Tony Bennett. Recently turning 85 years young, Tony gave an excellent 15-minute interview on the Roe & Roeper Show on WLS. Tony also discussed his upcoming Duets II CD which will be released next month but is already #15 on the charts (pre-sale).  Tony collaborated with many younger and newer […]

Rocker Rod Stewart is a grandpa

My joy is indescribable. ~ Rocker Rod Stewart on the birth of his first grandchild to daughter Kimberly Stewart and her ex-boyfriend, actor Benicio del Toro, via People, August 22

(Prolifer)ations 8-23-11

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.com. Right to Life of Michigan highlights the Department of Justice’s charges against a 79-year-old sidewalk counselor in Washington, D.C. for offering life-affirming alternatives […]

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Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger, a national figure in the effort to protect both preborn and postborn innocent human life.

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