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  • There appear to be at least a couple of San Francisco supervisors who aren’t raving pro-aborts. Proponents of legislating the advertising activities of pregnancy centers didn’t get everyone on their side:

    Supervisors, after being briefed by the city attorney, said that in order to mount a strong defense against a likely legal challenge, the city would have to produce a record of false and misleading advertising.

    But both Supervisors John Avalos and Sean Elsbernd, who serve on the committee, said such a record wasn’t demonstrated. The best legislative backers could come up with were reviews on Yelp and a search on Google when people plugged in the phrase “abortions in San Francisco” and Plunkett’s First Resort organization popped up as the second link.

    “This legislative record here, to me, is empty,” Elsbernd said.

    And don’t miss this quote from Supervisor Malia Cohen, the main proponent of the legislation, who said, “This legislation has been carefully crafted to ensure a balance between protecting the most vulnerable members of our communities and protecting the constitutional rights of everyone.”

  • Talent contract for an unborn baby?

    Toddlers and Tiaras” stage moms, take note. Lorenzo Lamas’ pregnant daughter, “The Bachelor” winner Shayne Lamas, is contemplating signing her fetus with a talent agency.

    TMZ reports that the reality star’s unborn child may have an agent with talent management company Z Group, who have presented a contract. Lamas, 25, and husband Nik Richie [both pictured left] won’t welcome the baby for another two months.

  • A Colorado abortion clinic has withdrawn its application for a local grant for its teen clinic (which doesn’t provide abortions) after community members spoke out against the grant:

    The agency, which has operated a teen clinic in Longmont for 5 years and received city funding for 8, had asked for a $14,000 grant. City staff recommended it receive $11,000, but several residents objected to Boulder Valley Women’s Health Clinic’s being funded at all.

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