As costs rise and opportunities disappear, shouldn’t men have the same rights as women to control their entrance into parenthood? Does that make them any less responsible than mothers who drop off their infants at hospital backdoors, no questions asked, because they realized they were not ready for motherhood?

Financial abortion, in the strictest sense, can be simplified to the most elementary of terms: No taxation without representation. If a woman’s body cannot be legislated; neither, then, should a man’s right to choose when he becomes a father….

As a mother, sister and friend who bears witness to the fear, anger and frustration that women whom I love dearly face month to month when child-support payments are late or non-existent, this exploration into the nuances of equality was extremely difficult to tackle. However, I had to ask myself, and challenge other women in the pro-choice movement to ask themselves – this brutally honest question:

Do we believe in absolute freedom of choice – or merely our choice?

~ Kirsten West Savali, Huffington Post, October 20

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