Every now and then you have to laugh. Now this is just funny, this is, in a creepy sort of way. Mr. Ron Pierce is one politically incorrect food critic. Putting this one down as probably the first time – and likely the last time – the word “abortion” is used in a restaurant review, from the Sonoma State Star, November 14:

All right editors, are you happy now? I finally went to Noodle Palace.

STAR readers, the editors of your favorite college newspaper have been on my case to try this place since the semester started, describing it as something akin to a hidden gem of Vietnamese cuisine that looks like a shady abortion clinic.

I had seen the place before on multiple occasions and, while I would not have put it so harshly myself, the setting did strike me as a bit unsafe. I would not have gotten out of my car in the parking lot if it were dark out.

I braved the wilderness, having brought my mother with me, and found the inside to be a well-lit, clean and welcoming establishment….

“… having brought my mother with me” to the “bit unsafe”… “shady abortion mill”-looking eatery? lol.

Watch your back, Ron. It’s feminists you’ll now have to fear.

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