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  • The Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion clinic in Rockford will stay closed until at least January 4, 2012, when attorneys for both the abortion clinic and the state health department will have another hearing.
  • Apparently, some pro-choicers at Harvard aren’t big fans of tolerance. From Aurora Griffin’s op-ed in the Harvard Crimson:

    In response to the growing hostility toward discussion of the abortion issue on campus and dissolution into name-calling, as seen in the impressively consistent vandalism of Harvard Right to Life’s poster campaigns, I’d like to present a philosophical argument for the pro-life position. HRL’s innocuous “Smile, your mom chose life” posters have been ripped down within hours of posting almost without exception. At a school where free speech and diversity are valued so highly, this is a travesty.

  • Lea Singh writes about the upcoming Gosnell murder case and the acceptance of late term abortion amongst some:

    And yet, late-term abortions, effectively right up to the moment of natural birth, are not illegal in Canada or in many parts of the United States. If Gosnell had chosen to act in medically acceptable ways by dismembering or killing the fetus within the womb just before removing it, he would likely be a hero in the eyes of many for providing an essential service that empowers women. Who knows, he could have gotten the highest civilian award – a mere three years ago we bestowed the Order of Canada upon Henry Morgentaler [pictured left], a man who claims to have personally performed over 100,000 abortions.

    Is it just me, or is there something sickly schizophrenic about a society that huffs and puffs in outrage at the killing of a baby in the light of day, but quietly supports it when it happens in the darkness of the womb? We are talking about the very same baby here, at the exact same moment of gestation, the only difference being the location of the demise. If we can kill a baby within the womb, why not outside of the womb? Viable babies are being put to death in late-term abortion clinics all over the United States, perhaps some in Canada. We call it “abortion” but in the light of day, these actions clearly are “murder.”

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