Bikers for Life do sidewalk counseling

A handful of Bikers for Life, representatives of an anti-choice organization made up of actual Harley-riding, leather-vest wearing, be-ponytailed middle-aged dudes, are spread out around the intersection.

They talk to young women and the people who accompanied them to the clinic about the life that may or not be growing in their sacred wombs.

~ Clinic escort Miranda Pennington, describing a day in the life as a clinic escort in New York City, via Feminists for Choice, February 23

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  1. I love it! A diverse group can only help.

    Also, “sacred wombs”? Really? I like being a woman, but my uterus isn’t all that special.

    Life, though, is sacred.


  2. Life that may or may not be growing?

    Miranda – if the child is already dead from natural causes, then no one disputes the need for an abortion.    On the other hand, if life is growing, then that life has a name, is a person, because it is a human child.  The real choice is between choosing to love or choosing to hate/despise that child.


  3. I like the idea of calling it a “sacred womb” because God ordained that place for children to develop. The womb is meant to be the baby’s sanctuary, the “safe place” for it to grow. Our bodies are sacred because they belong to Him. Paul tells us that our body is a “temple of the Holy Spirit’ and so it is. The life that grows in there is being “knitted together in my womb” which means God’s presence is there in me as he puts together that child!

    I have a sacred womb indeed. It is God’s secret place and that is why Satan tries to destroy the life within. It is GOD’s creation, not mine. 


  4. I read the blog that exerpt is from. All I can say is gross! What sick deluded people these pro-aborts are. And the lies .(photshopped pictures of mannequins and food coloring?) My God. The blogs are obviously meant for fellow pro-aborts. So I see they don’t just lie to the general public they also lie to each other. I guess when you steep yourself in the culture of death you need to lie to yourself just to face each day. I have to wonder if these people have lied to themselves so deeply for so long that they have actually begun to believe the propaganda they preach. These people need psychiatric help. Her main complaint in the whole blog is about the one that got away. What did they tell her? Obviously they told her the truth that you refuse to. I can’t imagine someone getting that upset about one baby escaping the death chamber. Don’t worry honey there are plenty of other babies that you will be able to escort to the death chamber. You can get your jollies in abetting murder over and over again. Don’t cry over the one that got away. Because if you can keep spreading your lies there will be plenty more babies sacraficed on the mantle of womens reproductive rights.


  5. well, at one point in the article she refers to a gestating human being as a “cellular hypothetical”. You can tell this girl is getting her Master’s in writing and not a science-based subject.


  6. Isn’t this awesome?  The last thing you’d expect from a Harley-riding tough guy is a tender heart, but I’ve seen it over and over again.  So glad they’re doing this.


  7. We have Bikers for Life at rallies, men and women.  I love it, in part b/c it breaks the stereotype of a pro-lifer only being a granny with a rosary.  Reminds me of SCing on a Good Friday, surrounded by the PAs as the Franciscans walked up.  The proaborts started braying and snickering about men in a dress and I thought, “What?!? Aren’t you supposed to be the ‘open & tolerant’ ones?” 


  8. @Kel: I completely agree. There’s also the Patriot Guard, who protect soldier’s funerals from hate groups like the Westboro Baptist Church.  And Rescue Ink, a group of bikers and tattooed “tough guys” who run an animal shelter. The more I hear about these groups, the more I am convinced that Harley-riding tough guys are all big softies. :D


  9. “anti-choice”…LOL!  Oh..we’re for “choice”, alright! We CHOOSE to educate ourselves about pre-born babies in the womb, and about what abortion really IS and really DOES to the baby AND the mother.
    So maybe YOUR side is the real “ANTI-CHOICE” side, Ms. Pennington.


  10. I’ve been following this awesome blog for a while (Stanek’s, not the one quoted here)

    The thing I find interesting about the term “anti-choice” is that we pro-lifers really are pro-choice. We are for the rights of every human to choose.  Choose your favorite food, your favorite color, what religion you follow, what candidate you will vote for, what school you will send your children to, whom you will marry, etc.  
    If someone has been killed in the womb, they haven’t been given the chance to choose ANYTHING. 

    And bikers are officially awesome.  And I bet they chose to be bikers. 


  11. Way to go, guys! :) The sight of non-typical people rallying for life must really rub those pro-aborts the wrong way. They seem to think they’ve got pro-lifers pegged: old people with rosaries, straight-laced Republicans who are older, mostly men trying to “subject” women to alleged misogynist strategies. 

    Well, what do you know? We’ve got “cool” bikers too! And young women! And educated people! And people of different races! Who da thunk it, ya know? haha I LOVE that there is such fervor and such diversity among the pro-life ranks. The battleground is hearts and minds, people, and it seems that Love is winning! :) 


  12. We have Bikers for Life at rallies, men and women.

    Glad to hear there are some leather-clad dudettes are out there!


  13. All the bikers I have ever met camping and traveling around the country have all been really sweet people. Glad to see some of them joining us over here in the Pro-life world?

    PS–this article was worth reading, if only for the reference to the baby as a “cellular hypothetical.”


  14. I found it hard to believe that someone can get into Columbia and be so uninformed about human development, but I remembered that that’s where President Obama went, too.
    When a mother and her baby are saved from abortion, we call that a save.  I wonder what the pro-aborts call it when they manage to talk someone into being okay with the murder of their child, like the man in this story.  An “unsave”?


  15. To be fair, Clarice, creative nonfiction is a long way from the hard sciences. :P
    She seems downright upset if a woman changes her mind on the sidewalk and chooses life…so much for pro-choice.


  16. LibertyBelle:  They seem to think they’ve got pro-lifers pegged: old people with rosaries, straight-laced Republicans who are older, mostly men trying to “subject” women to alleged misogynist strategies. 

    And I know I fit none of those, except maybe the “with rosaries” part (is a 20 year old woman who would vote for whichever candidate is more likely to uphold life, whether that be Republican or Democrat).  I thought it was funny in the comments for that post, someone said this:


  17. “I could almost wish for some pro-life Harley bikers to show up at our clinic just to watch the cognitive dissonance that would create for some of our protesters. It would be fun watching their minds nearly explode as they tried to grasp that they were on the same side as Harley bikers.”

    Of course it’s mind-blowing.  It’s mind-blowingly AWESOME.  Since when does being pro-life mean we should somehow be upset at Harley bikers being pro-life too?


  18. Reminds me of the first time my fiance and I came out for 40D4L. He’s an AVID motorcyclist, and he came up with me in his rocker jacket, and me with my purple hair…at first everyone there was like, “Are…they going in? It doesn’t look like they’re going in…”, for a moment they seemed to think we were coming over to make trouble… and then we explained we were there to help. It was kinda funny, in retrospect. XD


  19. With the exception of the few truly criminal biker gangs, I would trust a biker over the average person on the street. They all pretty much share strong ties, loyalty, and community vaules that make them very prone to protect children and victims and help others in need. The problem is the criminal ones are so well known bikers get a horrible rep.


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