American Life League will sponsor its 4th annual National Pro-life T-Shirt Week April 24-30. This is a great way for students in particular to promote the sanctity of life to their friends. ALL writes that the goal of NPLTW is to “increase awareness of the personhood of the child in the womb and the tragedy of abortion.”

ALL has all kinds of fun activities planned around NPLTW, including a photo scavenger hunt, video challenge, essay competition, and poster/design contest.

This year’s prizes will include a Kindle Fire and pro-life gear.  I’m excited that ALL has asked me to be a video judge as well as co-sponsor!

If you have your own t-shirt, great. But if not ALL is offering them for only $8 plus S&H. Order yours now.

Join their Facebook group to help promote this event and get updates.

Get your pro-life friends together for a coordinated, unified effort, and order a bunch of shirts to make an even bigger statement at school. Step out and show pro-life pride. Get the conversation going. Show others you are a Pro-Life American!


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