David Bowie fans will recognize the line in my subject heading from his classic song, Changes:

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

I thought of that line when viewing the following political cartoon by Jack Ohman at GoComics.com. Ohman is a liberal pro-choicer no less, who I’m sure doesn’t realize the tragic irony of his attempted wit…

Those children that baby boomers spit upon by promoting their abortions if inconvenient should not now be expected to give up their lifestyles for those same inconvenient baby boomers. Ohman’s cartoon signals the coming unrest.

Here’s another along the same lines, by conservative Michael Ramirez at Townhall.com. The tiny safety net is thanks to abortion…

More tragic irony abounds in pro-abortion/infanticide President Barack Obama. It should come as no surprise that he considers inconvenient old people no differently than inconvenient babies, despite his attempted cover-up, which he was outed on this week. From the Wall Street Journal:

ObamaCare slashes about $145 billion from Medicare Advantage, the program that allows one of four seniors to escape the traditional entitlement and choose commercial plans….

Medicare’s budget counters estimate that ObamaCare’s cuts in the Advantage program will result in enrollment falling by half. The cuts were scheduled to begin this year. But someone from the Obama campaign in Chicago must have conducted a poll in Tampa Bay or Scottsdale.

So in November 2010 Mr. Obama’s Medicare team announced a nationwide Medicare Advantage “demonstration project” that would test if paying insurers bonus subsidies would improve quality over the next two years. Lo and behold, according to a new investigation by the Government Accountability Office, or GAO, the $8.35 billion pilot program is just enough to reverse 71% of the Advantage cuts that would have hit seniors in the runup to November. And behold again, the demonstration project turns into a pumpkin in 2013.

Hence, astute political cartoons like this one by Lisa Benson at Townhall.com

This was quite the ironic week for cartoons. When I speak to young people I point to empty bleacher sections and say they represent their aborted friends. I was reminded of that section of my speech when viewing this cartoon by Eric Allie at Townhall.com. I realize Allie didn’t intend for it to mean as I took it. He intended to point out the flagging youth support for Obama, which to me was ironic to begin with, since Obama so strongly advocated their deaths…

Final irony, by Glenn McCoy at Townhall.com

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