Yes, Obama is the master of the “basic instincts” of his self-centered, narcissistic base. It’s not complicated once you understand the con.

To blacks he was one of their own and that was really all that mattered. They were in the bag from the start, 95% plus. To Hispanics, he bought their vote with his illegal, dictatorial, but hugely popular, to them at least, executive order for amnesty to young illegals. Result? 70% plus from a community that is Catholic, church-going, hard working, anti-abortion and generally conservative.

To women he trotted out the classic Democrat ploy, the fear of losing control over their bodies and even added a new wrinkle, the “right” to free contraceptives even if you’re a law student on the cusp of making $150,000 a year to start. Result, a margin of some 9 points, especially in the suburbs.

Yes, pandering to the self-absorbed pays.

~ Hyatt Seligman, American Thinker, November 7

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