by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Moral Outcry and Wesley J. Smith explain why the Department of Health and Human Services’ so-called “compromise” is really just more of the same – a violation of religious freedom.
  • At ProWomanProLife, Andrea Mrozek includes a clip of her interview with conservative Canadian media personality Ezra Levant regarding live birth abortions taking place in Canada. Live birth abortion, while only recently coming to light in Canada, was made public in the U.S. years ago by our own Jill Stanek, resulting in the passing of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.


  • Right to Life of Michigan points out that the majority of Americans lack accurate knowledge of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton – two cases that shape our country’s current abortion law.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin has a two-part series on personhood and why it matters.
  • Suzy B notes the latest example of Obamacare’s coercive tactics and restrictions on federal grants:

    Recently the North Dakota State University froze a $1.2 million federal grant it had received because the grant requires the university to team up with Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, to implement a sex education program under Obamacare. University officials are concerned that accepting the grant could potentially be a violation of state law, which forbids taxpayer funding of abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood.

Now, Planned Parenthood and their allies are attacking the University for freezing the grant.

Send an email in support of the university’s decision, here.

  • Reproductive Research Audit has a weekly round-up of articles on reproductive health issues, including two which prove that even in matters of abortion reporting, there is no common ground between the pro-choice and pro-life camps.
  • Voice for Hope shares an excellent speech by Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life on the feminist case against abortion.



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