Stanek Sunday funnies, “Drone” edition

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Backdrop via The Nation, a liberal news outlet, February 6:

On Monday night, NBC News revealed that leaked 16-page memo outlining (at last) the administration’s rules for drone strikes against US citizens abroad. Ever since, the chorus of criticism – mainly from progressives and media outlets long accused by conservatives of being “in the tank” for Obama – has grown to a deafening level….

Tom Junod at the Esquire site wrote an angry piece titled “All the King’s Drones.” He closes with two questions: Do “informed, high-level officials” have the power to kill their own citizens? Are “informed, high-level officials” acting in the interests of the state “ever liable to the accusation that they have committed murder?”…

And the Times in an editorial today observes that while the Obama drone kill policy outlined in the memo was not exactly a surprise “it was disturbing to see the twisted logic of the administration’s lawyers laid out in black and white….”

News that President Obama has authorized the killing of U.S. citizens without a trial comes as no surprise to pro-lifers, as I tweeted to Kirsten Powers this morning:

Pro-lifers have always maintained that those condoning the murder of innocent preborn babies are obviously more likely to disrespect the lives of inconvenient humans at other stages of life.

So now liberals are alarmed, but only because they suddenly see the personal danger. Who’s to decide which U.S. citizens are a menace to society?

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In reality it is pro-lifers who should worry, since some of us have been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Terrorist Watch List.

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17 thoughts on “Stanek Sunday funnies, “Drone” edition”

  1. Thanks Jill.
    Pictures, especially political cartoons, do ‘paint a thousand words’.
    While U. S. State Department personel and contractors were under assault in Benghazi for almost 8 hours and the ‘Womander in Chief’ is the only person authorized to deploy our military across another countries borders and the obamateur abrogated unto himself the final say on when drones would be used to kill enemies of the United States, why didn’t he dispatch an armed predator drone from our base in Saudi Arabia when the defenders of our mission were pleading for air support?
    Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs tell us they only had one phone call from mr. bo-jangles early in the evening of 9-11-12 at the outset of the attack.
    Then TOTUS went silent.
    This is the kind of leadership you get when you vote with your lady parts.


  2. Funny thing about this first drone cartoon.  If this development had happened under “W” the press would be absolutely apoplectic/beside themselves, calling for every imaginable investigation and impeachment proceedings to begin post haste.  The voice on the drone would not be identifying itself as a “government drone” but rather as president Bush himself.  Lets face it…the progressive main stream media is extremely hostile to Republicans and at the same time very protective of the all worshipful One. 


  3. Hi Jerry,
    Journalism in this country is little more than a fond memory. At least in dictatorships the “press” can rightfully claim they have no choice but to be lapdogs for the Dear Leader. Not so in this country, its the MSM’s choice to do so, which makes it even worse.


  4. +Yup.
    Time Magazine’s cover story also speaks about “government” drones.  They could have accurately called them “Obama” drones.
    Anyhow, it’s not about drone aircraft.  It’s about personal assassinations.  We are talking about Obama’s program of targeted assassinations.


  5. I think liberals have a leg to stand on in ripping Obama – they’ve expected something different than what Republicans have done/would do.
    I find Republicans ripping Obama to be a little bit funny – those who stood behind torture, drones, and the Patriot Act for all these years, all of the sudden have different views on these things?  If this had been Bush, the right wingers would have been proud that the US President was doing everything he could to protect law abiding citizens!


  6. Well X, I agree with you. The Republicans are hypocrites. Most of them anyways. They did support Bush during unconstitutional wars and the Patriot Act  etc… where was the outrage then? The Patriot Act alone has opened doors for Obama to do what he is doing. I am sick of Dems and Repubs. They’re all traitors to the Constitution!


  7. Sydney and I agree…happy day!
    Yes – we all want power to the people.
    They all just see power.


  8. I think the “Waterboarding is EVIL!” vs. “Drone killing is okay.” mentality is a progressive pro-abort thing. It’s the whole notion that sentient suffering is THE WORST. POSSIBLE. THING., and that’s why abortion isn’t so bad, because it kills someone before they are able to suffer. I disagree with that wholeheartedly, but I also didn’t think waterboarding was that bad, especially when it saved lives, AND the waterboardee(s) weren’t executed, either. Drones just kill, they don’t cause suffering, though, so that must be more acceptable.


  9. Mary – he’s been a pretty good President, but when it comes to military power and spying, it seems as if Obama is more in step with Bush and other past Presidents.
    I suppose that there are two traps – first off, Presidents seem to really lean on their ‘executive powers’ and see them as pretty far reaching.
    Secondly – Americans seem to care less about things like spying and strikes than they do terrorist attacks or killings.  


  10. “Mary – he’s been a pretty good President”
    HA! That gave me a bigger laugh than any of the Sunday funnies ever could. 


  11. Obama>either Bush

    You seem to have a “more is less” philosophy. Because that’ certainly what we got.


  12. Hi ts,
    I watched the entire video. Thank you. Dr.Carson is an incredible and inspirational man and I am very proud to say, a native of my hometown! If only he would run for president, or at least be a conservative spokesman.
    Concerning Dolan, my friend you know I am never one to say ITYS. Uh-hum. But do take solace in knowing that narcissists are not people who are inclined to laugh at themselves, they are more likely to respond to ridicule, however innocent, with petulence and anger, and Romney’s digs at Obama and Dolan’s raucous laughter at them were not well received, whatever the forced smiles. 


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