Obama RacineFigures on the left have long advocated for removing parental authority for children and replacing it with a shared societal responsibility.

Want to opt your children out of sex education? Home school? Have a say in whether your child receives contraceptives? The left has long resisted parental authority to make such decisions. Instead, they advocate that we do what is best for society.

However, even this collapses when we are dealing with abortion. When it comes to unborn children, or even recently born children, the left rejects any role for society at all. Only in the context of abortion will the left suddenly demand that any role for the state or society give way to the sacred role of the parents and the family unit in making decisions that are best for them.

Honoring the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Obama proclaimed it a fundamental principle that “government should not intrude on ‘private family matters.’” (See John Piper’s excellent response.) In Roe and its progeny the Court described abortion as a necessary component of a mother’s right to privacy — autonomy from government or societal intrusion….

Abortion ethicist Peter Singer has likewise argued for the family’s right to determine, free from the constraints of society, that a born child should be terminated because it would be “in the best interests of the baby and the family as a whole.”…

If MSNBC is really puzzled about why we have this “private idea that children belong to their parents or children belong to their families,” perhaps it should consider that the left champions that exact view — at least until sometime after the family has deemed their child a “keeper.”

~ Casey Mattox, Townhall.com, April 15

[Photo via politicalpaige.net]

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