mikefichterKlopfer’s failure to report this abortion raises serious red flags about his abortion business.

If he fails to send in a one-page form when he does an abortion on a 13-year-old, how can anyone know if he is following state abortion law in other areas such as informed consent, facility standards and appropriately determining the age of the baby before he aborts him or her?

~ Mike Fichter (pictured right), President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life, commenting on the recent revelation that Illinois abortionist Ulrich Klopfer (a.k.a. George Klopfer) failed to report possible statutory rape – as required by law – on a 13-year-old Indiana abortion patient, as quoted by the News-Sentinel, September 18

Fort Wayne Women’s Health, where Klopfer performed abortions, is currently listed online as being closed (click to enlarge):


[Photo of Fichter via Twitter]

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