Laura TrickleLaura Trickle, of Lee’s Summit, delivered her daughter Axel in March and was breastfeeding when she was called for jury duty in August.

She asked to be exempt from appearing, as she was breastfeeding, but received notice that she must report to court to fulfill her civic obligation and serve jury duty….

Trickle was told to either arrange for child care or bring somebody with her who could care for the child during jury selection. On September 3, she appeared for jury duty with her child, but according to the ensuing court order, she ‘willfully and contemptuously appeared for jury service with her child and no one to care for the child’.

Trickle will now face Jackson County Presiding Judge Marco Roldan on Thursday at a hearing at the Jackson County Courthouse downtown.

~ The Daily Mail, October 19

[HT: Laura Loo]

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