Amanda Marcotteby Carder

To know what the actual anti-choice movement is about, you need to look at what its members do, not what some random people say about how they label themselves.

And, increasingly, anti-choice activists are free about their larger objections to women being able to choose non-procreative sex.

Indeed, when I first started writing on the topic of reproductive health care, even the slightest intimation that anti-choicers have a problem with female sexuality was enough to cause conservatives to cry foul and howl about how they don’t care what you do in bed, it’s about “life,” and blah blah blah.

~ Amanda Marcotte (pictured), alleging that pro-lifers’ anger over women engaging in sexual activity is the underlying reason for  being pro-life, RH Reality Check, January 27

[Photo via Marcotte’s Twitter page]

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