Lisa Mehosby Carder

The decision comes after she admitted to having sex with a friend a year after her marriage to Mehos, 59, came to an end, and the fling resulted in her being pregnant and having an abortion.

Mr Mehos and his ‘relentless’ attorney Eleanor Alter went so far as to suggest that Mrs Mehos’ abortion undermined her claim of being a Catholic, which in turn speaks to her overall credibility.

After subpoenaing Mrs Mehos’ medical records to show that she had an abortion, Ms Alter used the procedure to suggest she was a hypocrite for asking to have custody of her two children over Easter….

Her husband used the abortion against her in court to increase his custody prospects and Lisa lost temporary custody of her daughter Macy, six, and son John, four, in August.

The Daily Mail, March 21, giving background to a final court decision in the custody battle between New York banker Manny Mehos and his former wife Lisa, wherein she lost

[HT Jill; photo via New York Daily News]

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