Earl-Ray-Tomblin-at-White-House (1)A remarkable feat in and of itself, West Virginia became the first Democrat-controlledstate to pass a 20-week abortion ban this past March.

Until then all 1wother 20-week fetal pain bans (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho,Indiana, Kansas,Louisiana, Mississippi,Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas) had been passed by Republicans.

West Virginia’s supposedly pro-life Democrat Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, pictured right, went on tovetothe ban, claiming it was unconstitutional. This although nine of the aforementioned state bans* have never been challenged in court.

Now stage has been set for an even more remarkable feat to take place: a Democrat-controlled override of Tomblin’s veto.

A provision in West Virginia’s constitution allows for a special session to be called if 3/5 (60%) of the House and Senate sign a petition. And such a petition, with the specific intent of reintroducing the 20 week ban, is circulating.

Signatures of 60 delegatesand 22 senators are required, and when I spoke with West Virginians for Life’s Legislative Coordinator John Careyas we entered the Memorial Day weekend on Friday, 57 delegates and 23 senators had signed.

Sinceevery Republican has signed the petition, the support of three more Democrat delegates is needed, which Family Policy Council President Allen Whitt deems “imminent.”

Tomblin has promised to vetoa new fetal pain ban unless itis bumped up to 24 weeks, which would theoretically satisfy the post-viability provision of Roe v Wade. Pro-life forces are saying NO to compromise, which Carey reiterated to me.

If Tomblin has promised to renix a 20-week ban, how is an override possible?

Here are the steps: A successful petition drive willforce Tomblinto call a special session, when the 20-week ban is reintroduced and passed again. If Tomblin vetoes the ban, as anticipated, a recess will be called, andsession reconvened a month later, with a call to override the veto. An override only requires 51% support. Since the original legislation had 80% support, and the petition requires 60% support, an override iscertain. Needed to get from here to there is the support of three more Democrat legislators.

Kudos to West Virginia pro-lifers for refusing to let their state’s 20-week fetal pain ban die. Such a ban obviously saves babies’ lives. Plus, therenewed effort continues to draw attention to the humanity of preborn children and rightfully shames an apostate politician claiming to be pro-life.

Tomblin, incidentally, chose March 28 to veto the original ban, several days before hisdeadline.

Turns out March 28 was the very day West Virginians for Life held itsannual fundraising banquet.

So I’d say this “pro-life” governor is not only a wolf in sheep’s clothing but a vindictive one at that.

*Arizona’s 20 week ban has been permanently enjoined; Georgia’s ban is only being enforced for post-viability abortions; Idaho’s ban is currently being litigated.

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