Rape survivor: “People ridicule and distrust you” for keeping baby

megisonprofileby Kelli

Survivors of rape – whether their stories are told around the world or held close – face mixed reactions, ranging from support and empathy to victim-blaming.

When a woman has a child resulting from rape, she may be fortunate enough to have family and friends who help her move forward in life.

But often such women can feel isolated and concerned about how their children will be treated. And they can confront strong reactions, such as people telling them the child is the “spawn of an evil act” and should have been aborted or adopted, which happened to Analyn Megison [pictured right], a mother in Florida who was raped and had a daughter as a result. (Her daughter is now 9 years old.)

A study in 2000 estimated that 25,000 rapes result in pregnancy in the United States each year, and other studies have found that at least 32 percent of the women keep and raise the child, according to a Georgetown Law Journal article by Chicago lawyer Shauna Prewitt….

… [I]t’s important that society not stereotype rape survivors and end up ostracizing women who choose to keep their children.

“People ridicule you and distrust you because you chose to have your child – ‘Oh, you must not have been raped,’” Megison says. “It’s such a strange world we live in where you have to be questioned as a mother why you love the child that… you nurse and play with and pray with and read stories with.”

~ Stacy Teicher Khadaroo, The Christian Science Monitor, May 23

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  1. I dont understand how you could blame the victim. A woman I used to work with had her own fathers child and gave him up for adoption. She remained very anti abortion despite it all. She was also going to adopt. Also I can tell you first hand about the Cleveland kidnapping victims. It would only take me 20 minutes to walk to the street of where Castros house once stood. Amanda Berry loves her daughter from rape.


  2. Also check out the You Tube Dr. Phil/ Michelle Knight interview. It might sound strange to many but Knight wondered why her 5 children were aborted and at least one of Amandas got to live. Knight is one brave lady and she made our case for us on rape.


  3. “choice” only applies to abortion. One choice. Kill. That is the only choice that proaborts support, promote and celebrate.

    I am very proud of Analyn and the women I know that KEPT their babies or put them up for adoption after they conceived in rape. God bless you Analyn and your daughter!!

    How disgusting that others would judge her harshly for having her precious daughter!!!


  4. Stacy is the author of the article. Analyn Megison is the mom who kept her baby. Just to clarify.


  5. As a rape conceived child, I am glad that I was protected by law and that my life did not depend on how my birth mother or anyone else “felt” about me. We are stereo typed not simply because those who are pro abortion use us like pawns to keep the evil of child-killing legal, but because those who call themselves “pro-life” continue to put the “rape/incest” exception in every single law they put forward, thus cementing in both law and in the public conscious that my life has no value and that abortion might be murder, but some children deserve to be killed. Until those who call themselves pro-life stop making these exceptions and stop supporting killing children like me simply because our birthfather was a rapist, we will NEVER abolish this evil practice.


  6. Yes, thank you Pam.  I believe that V. Stivano woman in the Donald Sterling scandal was conceived from rape.  She doesn’t seem like a very nice person, but she had a tough life.


  7. “choice” only applies to abortion. One choice. Kill. That is the only choice that proaborts support, promote and celebrate” – that is completely and utterly untrue and you know it. Such histrionic laden comments devalue your case. Crying wolf.


  8. LOL

    I have yet to see ANY proabort comment on a thread of a mom who chose life and CELEBRATE her choice. Ever. And I have been around for years.

    Parents that give birth to babies who only live hours, parents who choose adoption, parents who are thrilled they changed their minds and did not abort, others that give birth to their children conceived in rape. Not one of you have typed a positive word in support.

    Always silence from the prodeath crowd.

    Prove me wrong. Right now. Type something positive about this amazing mother!!

    Start celebrating those that chose life!!!


  9. I’m here commenting.

    I support their choice. I have said as such on those threads.

    I don’t see why anyone should be expected to ‘celebrate’ it, it’s not really any of our business. We don’t ‘celebrate’ the birthdays of folks we don’t know. We may celebrate the fact that they actually have that choice, unlike some.

    Pro-choice people do celebrate life. And I’m pleased for those who make the choices they wish to. And good for this lady, she made her choice and she’s happy. But if it’s a choice I wouldn’t make for myself why on earth would I actively celebrate it. I celebrate her right to choose.

    More pertinent is that your 8:51am comment is as I said it is. Guaranteed to turn pro-choicers away from listening to your argument.


  10. Even when abortion fans do say anything resembling support for life, they usually throw in “it’s good that she chose life only because she could also choose abortion.” They seem to never support pregnancy without some pro-abortion caveat.


  11. LOL! I was writing my comment but needed to step away before I finished. In that time, you can see how reality followed the pro-abortion script!


  12. LOLUS extremis. I said ‘good for this lady’.

    Pro-choice people have children. Children we choose to have, sometimes even unplanned ones. We hold them dear and treasure them. They are all genuinely wanted. We celebrate them.

    Pro-choice people support those in need, including those with children. I would be as happy to assist someone who chose to keep a child conceived in rape as much as anyone else who needed assistance.

    You are the ones who differentiate.


  13. Even if I were to say that I thought she had made completely the wrong choice, which I don’t; even though I may not ‘celebrate’ her choice – which you only celebrate because it’s ‘not abortion’ – it in no way supports the obviously ludicrous premise that “Kill. That is the only choice that proaborts support, promote and celebrate.”


  14. Pro choice people sometimes have dead children, children they did not want, children who were differentiated as disposable property. THAT turns me away from their pro-abortion arguments.


  15. I well understand that 9ek. No one expects you to agree with abortion. But those who want or need them are, and should be, permitted to have them. And you can’t expect to persuade any pro-choicers towards the anti-choice position when outrageous statements are made.


  16. I really don’t care what hard core proaborts think. There are many people who are in the middle on this issue; those are the people I think we should be trying to reach.


  17. Perhaps phillymiss. And I’m sure they’d be ever so keen to engage in conversation with someone who opens with, or even tosses in later, a line like – “choice” only applies to abortion. One choice. Kill. That is the only choice that proaborts support, promote and celebrate.”


  18. Reality,, I have never understood why people of your “pro-choice” stance choose to look at these kinds of posts. We, as Pro-Life individual’s, are coming together to talk about something that we are excited about. Why are you here? I can only imagine that maybe your heart has been hardened by some devestating experience and possibly you are coming here to help yourself heal. If this is the case, then I applaud you and I wish you luck on your personal journey. Now if you are here just to be a troll, well, that’s not very nice.


  19. Hi Amy. I consider it beneficial for the casual observer and the undecided who visit this site (and at times the ardent), that factual errors and misrepresentations are pointed out. These may relate to events, they may relate to science/medicine.

    Many topics other than abortion are also discussed here and I often find myself in furious agreement with some who I disagree with on abortion.

    There are also a few folk here with whom I genuinely enjoy discussion/debate/arguing/swapping spitballs ;-)

    Most of us have experienced something devastating in our lives. The fact that being here has reinforced my position on choice sorta precludes a need for ‘healing’.

    I don’t actually ‘troll’, in the true sense of the term, any more than certain others here do. Saying things that others really, really don’t like and wasn’t able to say is not trolling. The accusation is often flourished by those who can’t/won’t counter. A couple of anti-choicers here have even sort of defended me on the issue of trolling. I am here to encourage truth, the reality of it all.


  20. As the founder of CHOICES4LIFE helping women pregnant after rape or raising children conceived after rape I’ve heard over and over hundreds of times about the abuse these mothers experience. My own mother was not believed and had she not been a strong woman I wouldn’t be here. I’m working with a woman right now that was beaten so badly at 15 that her ribs were broken and she lost her baby. http://www.choices4life.org/videos shows several interviews telling about the abuse.

    No society has ever recognized the rape conceived as valuable. NOW is the time to change that. We must stop the prejudice against the mothers and children of rape conception. So many are even afraid to speak to anyone because of the added trauma and most want their babies.

    I just helped a woman save her baby. She wanted the abortion but after offering her money to give birth she accepted. She just gave birth and is so sad that she once thought of killing her precious baby she named Angel. Yes it is better to force a woman to give birth. http://choices4life.org/conceived-in-rape-angel/

    Thank you Pam, Kelli and all the moms and children speaking out to end this horrible injustice.


  21. Reality: NO ONE should have the “choice” to end another person’s life. I am a person and it should be a law not to discriminate against me for how I was conceived.

    If a man can have his business taken away for telling a lover not to take pictures with “those black men” then how is it that people “fight” to insult mothers and destroy their children conceived after rape?

    The born should never have the choice to kill the unborn who cannot fight for themselves. I will fight for the rights of my peers and our mothers to choose what is healthy and life giving to both!!


  22. The “pro-life” community also continues to reject these women and their children – it’s shocking, but good, that Jill Stanek has written this story.


  23. Well, my morning started out with a laugh and very large eyeroll. Thanks for your 12:52 post, Reality. LOL

    “I am here to encourage truth, the reality of it all.” *dramatic flourish* *bows* Pssshyeah, ok.


  24. “You can’t expect to persuade any pro-choicers towards the anti-choice position when outrageous statements are made.”

    And even when outrageous statements AREN’T made, “Reality” will be there with a hearty, intelligent response like, “No, it isn’t,” or perhaps, “That’s your opinion,” or the ever-increasingly deep thought, “Not true.” In fact, I’m kind of astounded that R’s comments on this post have consisted of more than three-word responses. Nice job.


  25. “NO ONE should have the “choice” to end another person’s life” – so you are anti capital punishment? A fetus is not a person.

    “I am here to encourage truth, the reality of it all.” *dramatic flourish* *bows* Pssshyeah, ok” – well someone has to.

    And I’m astounded that you can’t read more than three words at a time!

    Yes Kel, thanks for the LOL :-)


  26. “Reality” (it takes all my strength to write that down because I don’t lie)
    Do you think you’re smarter than world renown geneticist Jerome LeJuene who said “I see no difference in the you at conception and the you now. You were and are a human being.”

    It takes alot of denial to say a fetus(Latin for offspring) is not a human. I’ve never known a woman to give birth to anything but a human!


  27. “Reality” (it takes all my strength to write that down because I don’t lie)” – is that meant to be a trick question or something? ;-)

    I didn’t say that a fetus is not of the human species Juda.


  28. I can understand the pain these women go through, but why even bring up that a child was conceived through rape? Single motherhood isn’t nearly as stigmatized as it used to be. I don’t know how the topic would be brought up in a conversation.


  29. There is prejudice beyond words. And those who are not “in it” will never see it. Oh they will probably speak it at some point. Like inferring that it is horrible to be a child conceived after rape implies we are somehow less that others.I spoke with a news writer yesterday who said she didn’t see any prejudice. So I asked what she would tell a 15 yr old who said she was pregnant by rape. She said she wouldn’t suggest abortion because she knew too many who had an abortion and they’ve never gotten over it but she WOULD say to place the child for adoption. I asked why and she without hesitation said because she would be “ostracized” BAM there it is and she didn’t even realize the prejudice. I pointed it out and she admitted she just didn’t think about it.

    It is sad that no matter the scientific evidence given there are those demanding death to others while they demand life for themselves. Blacks and Jews were said to not be persons either. NO value and easily disposed of.

    “Fantasy” is not reality. The more a lie is repeated the more it becomes someone’s “REALITY” “human species”? stop playing with words and use them as they were intended. The human species IS HUMAN. Wow it takes a lot of energy to make up stuff doesn’t it?

    I will continue to help save lives… both born and unborn.

    The Pro choice for death camp is anti choice for life. We offer several choices but those wanting abortion only offer ONE… DEATH


  30. Yes the human species is human. And the fetuses of human women are human, of the human species. I never said otherwise, I haven’t made anything up. What fantasy are you on?

    “I will continue to help save lives… both born and unborn” – good for you, me too.

    “We offer several choices but those wanting abortion only offer ONE… DEATH” – now you know that simply isn’t true. Pro-choice offers more choices than anti-choice, that’s a straight forward fact. And we don’t only offer the choice of death. Sounds like you need to return to reality.


  31. Real…ity
    I talked with someone TODAY that was taken to Planned Parenthood by her mother. When they talked to her about abortion she told them they were crazy because she would not abort. They told her “then you have no business being here!”

    THAT’S part of the fantasy.
    And the fact that you can say a fetus isn’t a person.


  32. You do know that PP offer services such as contraception, sexual and general health checks and abortion don’t you? If someone is pregnant and doesn’t want an abortion, why are they there? That’s if your story is true anyway.

    Your fantasy.

    A fetus is not a person, that’s quite straight forward. People even voted such.


  33. OK last time…you are in denial and unable to comprehend. I pray that you are never treated the way you think.

    Hitler would have loved you!


  34. I am in denial of nothing. A fetus is not a person, that’s just how it is. It is fantasy to think otherwise.

    I hope I am treated the way I think, it causes me no angst :-) You can do whatever you want.

    I don’t think he would have. I am a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people.


  35. One of the hardest things to witness are young girls that have been raped. very young girls…and to have to listen to the stupid comments made by medical providers….so this is the result? so you were raped? are you sure? ok….nurse sits down…do you understand what rape is…do you really think you can love a child…IF you were raped. maybe if you haven’t lived it or know it..maybe people should practice silence. because a woman and her child has absolutely nothing to do with when she was raped. The rape itself is a violent attack…The baby…is just that…A BABY. stop terrifying the girls lift them up believe them….validate them. It’s very hard to give birth under the age of 14 when the world is whispering every where you go…even the doctors whisper….is it so hard to understand that when you are truly broken..and you see Lil fingers..hear a heartbeat…The most healing moment in the victims life..besides giving birth. silence is golden when you speak out of opinion…When you speak from experience…there’s room for debate with others that walk the same walk. everyone else is an opion…good or bad. EVERY BABY HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE.


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