Pro-abortion graphic novel author claims it’s “not political”

pro-abortion graphicby Carder

The main thing for me is that I don’t really want to offer this graphic novel as a political stance on abortion…. I have my feelings about it, obviously, but that was not my intention. In fact I make a point to start the book where the girls find out that they are pregnant, and I don’t address how or where or why. It doesn’t matter in this book.

I wanted to illustrate JUST that time, from when you make an appointment to when you are “done” and going back to every day life. A lot happens during that period of time that is not political, just doing what you need to do, and dealing with the emotional ups and downs of having surgery.

~ Illustrator Leah Hayes, describing her planned pro-abortion graphic pro-choice novel Not Funny Ha-Ha, as described on Huffington Post, June 19

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  1. You never know what might happen when you leave that clinic. Some women suffer terribly emotionally and some do not. I know more women who have regrets and a few who dont seem to. Also this surgery is different because a human being is killed.


  2. this is a Kickstarter project, and being puffed by HuffPo. They have 10 days to collect the final 90% of their funding. Probably not something that we want to support.

    But Leah Hayes appears to be trying to be honest, even if she still believes that abortion is something “necessary” for women.

    From the Kickstarter site:
    “In a waiting room filled with women sitting inches apart from one another, there is often an overwhelming sense of isolation during the process. Sometimes there is an “aftermath” that is not always talked about, as girls often jump back into daily routine quite quickly after an abortion. There can be sadness/anxiety/depression that can arise days, months, even years later.”


  3. “They have 10 days to collect the final 90% of their funding.”
    True, and only 37 backers so far. This isn’t exactly a popular project.


  4. Maybe its having trouble attracting backers because the drawings look so amateurish.

    The media is working overtime to try to “normalize” abortion. They also act like EVERY WOMAN IN AMERICA has had an abortion when only one third have. I am not trying to trivialize the issue, but this means that more than 60 percent HAVEN’T.


  5. There is an interview at Huffington Post where the director of the abortion film ‘Obvious Child’ says, “We wanted to humanize choice.”

    The tragic irony of it all…


  6. “Humanize choice.” That is the failure of this graphic storybook, as well.

    There appears to be no acknowledgement of the child. Just the two women and their “abortion experiences.”

    No mention of the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for “choice.”


  7. “We wanted to humanize choice.”
    So, they’re not even going to try to humanize abortion, just the abstract concept of choice. An interesting approach.


  8. That means 60% of women havent aborted. That includes me but I know so many women who have sometimes I feel I am alone.


  9. I remember a few times my friend of over 20 years would just blurt out that shed had an abortion. As if she was saying she had a hair cut. I think a lot of ppl found that very inappropriate. I know I did.


  10. I guess in her mind it was normal. Her mom and sister have both had one. Shes stopped telling people and since she doesnt feel remorse I think its just as well.


  11. Women like Heather’s friend do not understand how they sound to the rest of the world.

    “I had an abortion. It was no big deal…. It’s just what I had to do at the time.”

    Try to image some guy talking about abusing his ex-wife. “Yeah, I used to hit her from time to time. But if you knew our situation, you’d understand why I had to do it.”

    Now I must be careful here: I believe that most post-abortive mothers are victims of fear and coercion and the slick sales pitch of the abortion industry. Post-abortive women deserve our love and generous care.

    But the post-abortive woman who is smugly content with her choice and feels no remorse at all — even bragging about it — is different. People react to her like she is a remorseless wife-beater who still insists that the ex-wife “deserved” it.


  12. Right Del. I even had a guy tell me he slapped his wife after she told him the secret she had been keeping. He told me they were fighting and before she drove off in the car she said “Oh yea BTW Bob I never told you I was pregnant. I went and had the little bast*rd sucked out of me.” He said he slapped her in the head as a knee jerk reaction. He also said he was sorry but he filed for divorce.


  13. “A lot happens during that period of time that is not political, just doing what you need to do, and dealing with the emotional ups and downs of having surgery.”

    This illustrator needs to go back to Liberal School. “The Personal is Political.” And all of that.

    Funny how going to the restroom, buying a cup of coffee, raising a child, and everything else under the sun is political to us liberals, until it comes to abortion. Then, we want government funding and all, but want abortion to be proclaimed a private matter of individual choice.


  14. But I do like how you put that Del. Abusive men can heal and repent and who knows? Maybe one day my friend will repent. Her abortion was her idea and the father begged her not to. She went ahead with it anyway and dumped him.


  15. Heather you are definitely not alone.

    “Humanize choice?” Some how I don’t think she means adoption or raising the baby as a single parent.

    Seems like these people are just preaching to the choir. Most ppl have never heard of Obvious Child. With all the free publicity the film is getting, plus the gushing reviews, I would think it would be doing better. I guess taking your date to a movie where the main character has an abortion on Valentine’s Day, no less, is kind of a buzz kill, except for maybe the “Bro-choice” crowd.


  16. On Valentines day? Yeah buzz kill alright. Sad to say but as we were protesting an abortion clinic in March a lot of women were heading in for their abortions. My pastor friend was standing next to me as we watched all of the women darting in. He watched and said ” Well here comes the Valentines day rush.” “


  17. Id also like to clarify that when I say a woman has been okay with her abortion Im not saying its a good thing at all. Im just saying what some others have said. Some women dont care. Some people say that they will see the light one day and they will/do regret it. Im just saying as sad as it may be some women never will. In both situations you can see abortion is not just a womans issue. It destroyed my old neighbor Bobs marriage. It hurt my friends former boyfriend and 2 children died as their mothers just said NO baby!


  18. HuffPo’s puffery has not gotten this project out of the starting gate.

    Between this, and Obvious Child, and Wendy Davis’s anniversary fund-raiser — I am beginning to wonder if HuffPo and MSNBC and Jezebel have any influence at all?

    I’m starting to think that we are the only ones who follow them with any concern or attention.


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