Stop Patriarchy pro-choice pro-abortion rally

It’s too early to tell whether pro-abortion world is imploding, but there sure have been plenty of fireworks lately.

I’ve written two posts in recent days on a new phenomenon – abortion groups publicly challenging the big kahuna, Planned Parenthood, something heretofore unheard of.

In that case the charge was racism. Since then it appears the floodgate has opened. Now add a complaint by pro-abortion Exhale’s Aspen Baker, who singled out Planned Parenthood for its “narrow view” ignoring abortion regret, and a complaint by California NOW for Planned Parenthood getting sidetracked on voter ID laws.

I’ve simply never seen anything like this. Abortion groups are usually very good about keeping their fights internal.

In addition, abortion groups are now publicly uniting against one of their own, Stop Patriarchy. The group is being blackballed for a number of fascinating reasons, foremost that Stop Patriarchy opposes porn and prostitution as degrading to women (because everyone knows they’re not), and uses slavery language (saying “forced pregnancy is female enslavement” and hosting a “Freedom Ride” in Texas).

Stop Patriarchy pro-choice pro-abortion Freedom RideLed by Texans for Reproductive Justice, abortion proponents further complain that Stop Patriarchy is terrorizing them, boo-hoo, “us[ing] intimidation and disruption to upset and silence those who disagree with them,” and that Stop Patriarchy [warning: link vulgar] “hijack[ed] the Texas filibuster anniversary party” to siphon donations away from other groups.

Horrors, Stop Patriarchy is also Islamophobic (because being forced to don burqas - and having one’s nose cut off if giving any lip about it – is so worthy of feminist defense), homophobic and transphobic (for not making an exception in its opposition to porn for queer or alternative porn), and is affiliated with Communists (as if liberals don’t share the same beliefs, hello, Occupy Wall Street, although it is interesting that terrorist Bill Ayers signed Stop Patriarchy’s ”Stop Forced Motherhood” petition).

Stop Patriarchy anti-porn as well as pro-choice pro-abortion

Whatever, I say have at it. The more infighting the better, obviously.

I will say as an objective observer that Stop Patriarchy rallies are a bit embarrassing. The group has an apparent penchant for the never-ending echo-chant…


That video was shot at an August 7 Stop Patriarchy rally in Austin, Texas, with an epic counter-protest by Love of Truth Ministries and Created Equal.

All of these episodes point to another problem within the abortion movement, that of being forced by political correctness to take up an array of causes aside from abortion – LGBQT (note the other side no longer uses the term “pregnant woman,” which offends transgender folk, but instead says “pregnant person”), pro-defense of any religion not Christian, prostitution, porn, global warming, environmentalism, voter ID, fair wages, and tampon justice, to name just some.

Meanwhile, the pro-life movement remains focused like a laser beam on blocking the culture of death, the leading culprit of which is abortion.

Abortion advocates try their best to divert our attention away from abortion and life issues. Sure, most of us are personally involved in related issues, but as a movement we are not distracted.

Again, have at it, pro-aborts. Dissension and dilution are good.

[HT for petition: Saynsumthn’s Blog; top photo via Houston Press; second photo, of “Broadband Guerrilla Girls” performing at a Stop Patriarchy rally, via; bottom photo via]

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