k of cby Carder

Year after year the anti-life politicians keep giving taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood and facilitating the aborting of millions of innocent babies in every way they can. Yet Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and the rest of the Supreme Council keep letting these pro-abortion politicians parade around as legitimate Knights. By doing so they are telling Catholics and the world that good Catholics can be pro-abortion. This is a grave scandal and it endangers souls.

And now things are even worse… These politicians are backing the federal government’s efforts to coerce Catholic institutions and individuals into paying for abortions and contraceptives. The anti-life politicians want to force their fellow Knights, and all Catholics, to violate their consciences, and to commit mortal sins! They are actually, literally persecuting the Catholic Church, yet the K of C Supreme Council seems to have no problem with them!

~ Kenneth M. Fisher, head of Concerned Roman Catholics of America, admonishing the catholic charitable organization Knights of Columbus for failing to address the problem of pro-abortion politician members’ disregard for Catholic teaching, Canada Free Press, August 5

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