Latest abortion play: Underage DIY abortion for “ticking time bomb”

Ruby Rae SpiegelAmy and Ester, the Florida high school students at the center of “Dry Land,” have a time-sensitive problem to solve: Amy’s unwanted pregnancy. Unlike the women recently played by Jenny Slate in the indie film “Obvious Child” and by Julia Stiles in the Off Broadway romance “Phoenix,” Amy isn’t an adult, so her mother would have to be told if she sought an abortion. She opts instead for a do-it-yourself approach and asks Ester to help.

“She’s just trying to get rid of this pregnancy,” said Ms. Spiegel, whose inspiration for the play was a New Republic article about DIY abortions. “It’s, like, on her body, and it’s a ticking time bomb. She just wants it out of her.”

~ Yale student playwright Ruby Rae Spiegel describing her recent play, Dry Land, New York Times, August 28

6 thoughts on “Latest abortion play: Underage DIY abortion for “ticking time bomb””

  1. They keep trying to puff up these box office flops and amateur efforts to make abortion noble and “mainstream.”

    Abortion may be as common as pot smoking and bulimia…. but some things will always be underground taboos, because their very nature is disordered.


  2. I wouldn’t say abortion is as common as pot smoking. And I wouldn’t call pot taboo, either. Millions of people around the world enjoy it and most people wouldn’t care much if they found someone they knew smoked it, the worst is they might feel a little more mature than them.

    Bulimia probably isn’t as common as abortion, it only affects up to five percent of the population. As someone who suffers from disordered eating, I feel like your comparison is completely inaccurate and borderline disrespectful. There are many forms of media, mainstream and indie that have characters that suffer EDs and have it as a major theme. It’s not so stigmatized that they can’t say the word itself. Abortion is a stigmatized theme because it presents a moral dilemma and has a very, very divided response. Bulimia is taboo, if you can call it that, simply because it’s a dark theme no one wants to hear about, or because they are ignorant and believe it to be a moral choice. Suggesting bulimia is one of “those” things that is taboo for a good reason and should stay that way is only pushing the millions of sufferers around the world back. It shouldn’t be taboo simply because it sucks and ruins your mood thinking about it. The reasons behind it, the affects of the media, the people suffering, the process of recovery should all be openly discussed. Bulimia is nothing like abortion. It is not a choice or a political debate it is a disease.


  3. Except “it” isn’t a ticking time-bomb. “It” is a living human child. Nice try though, pro-aborts.


  4. A play about a girl who wants an abortion but she is ashamed to tell her mother — is like a play about a bulimia sufferer who wants to purge but her mother won’t let her out of sight. It is a perfect comparison.


  5. “It’s, like, on her body..”

    Since when is a pregnancy ‘ON’ your body ??

    We’re talking about a BABY..not a WART.

    And, like, it’s nice to see what an “Ivy League” education like, does for you, Ms. Spiegel.


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