pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At First Things, J.D. Flynn pens a beautiful response to noted atheist Richard Dawkins’ controversial Tweet about the “immorality” of allowing children with Down syndrome to be born. As an adoptive father of two children with Down syndrome, Flynn’s post is a must read:

    You’ve often said that people who disagree with you should “go away, and learn how to think.” I’ve tried to learn to think, over the years, but perhaps I am naive in some ways. But one of things I’ve concluded is that ethical philosophy can’t be done in a sterile environment — that our humanity, our intuition, our empathy, in fact, must be recognized as a source of ethical insight if we want to think well. Perhaps you believe that your position on abortion and down syndrome is logically valid. But I wonder if you’re kept awake at night by the revulsion that comes with being the champion of killing.


  • At Live Action News, secular pro-lifer Sarah Terzo also responds to Dawkins by pointing to studies affirming the overall positive attitudes of children with Ds, along with their parents and siblings. Terzo contrasts these attitudes with those of people who were surveyed when they sought amniocentesis to detect Down syndrome (some of their responses pictured, left). Nearly all decided that if their child had the condition, they would abort:

    You have to wonder how these parents would react if their “normal” child turned out to have a learning disability or just is less of an overachiever- not as perfect as they want him to be. The sanctity of human life has been defeated by a consumer culture where women have amniocentesis in order to decide whether or not a baby is acceptable to be born, as if they were purchasing a pair of shoes and looking for the most comfortable and attractive ones.

  • After a defeat by Republicans this past April, Pro-Life Wisconsin has enlisted new pro-life help to try and make Choose Life license plates available to Wisconsinites. PLW is hopeful that the U.S. Supreme Court will “take on a lower court case that addresses the free speech rights of Americans who want to purchase ‘Choose Life’ license plates.”
  • Ethika Politika shows an example of media being called out on their distortion and misinformation with regards to life issues.
  • In a similar vein, Right to Life of Michigan spanks the editorial board of the Traverse City Record Eagle for their inaccurate editorial and lack of research on “citizen-initiated abortion insurance legislation” which was promoted by RTL MI.


  • At Life Site News, Jason Jones reviews the new movie The Giver with impassioned words about the sterile, emotionless, engineered utopia:

    The world of The Giver is what people seek when they vote for men like Barack Obama, send checks to Planned Parenthood, and slap “Coexist” bumper stickers on their Volvos. It’s their Mecca, their Shangri-La, their New Jerusalem.

No wonder liberal critics are trashing The Giver. It tips their hand. It reveals too much, too soon, about the dream of the Culture of Death — whose goal isn’t really death, per se. Our enemies don’t want to kill babies and old people, cripples and retarded children, out of a sheer homicidal glee. Were we facing foes like Genghis Khan whose only plan was to heap up pyramids of skulls, our task would be far simpler.

Instead, we fight a set of people with no sharp edges or pointy helmets. They do not love death. They’re afraid of life. They see human existence as nothing more than a drawn-out tale of suffering and disappointment, that ends in an unmarked grave and eternal oblivion.

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