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If House Bill 124 passes, women in Missouri must watch a documentary created by the state health department with information about abortion 72 hours before they can access the procedure.

The new proposal, sponsored by Desloge Republican representative Linda Black, would add a third method of mansplaining abortion methods and risks to patients. Physicians are already required by Missouri law to explain abortion procedures verbally and in writing.

… [T]he video would come in “a narrative documentary form” to help women who are illiterate or have difficulty with understanding written or spoken information. The proposal gained initial support Tuesday from a House committee, which voted 9-3 to send the bill to the House floor….

“Women already have to wait three days after a first consultation to get their procedure done,” said Rep. Stacey Newman to KOMU (Channel 8). “This is just another barrier between a woman and her ability to receive a legal medical procedure. It’s unnecessary and does nothing to help women and women’s health.”

~ Lindsay Toler, Riverfront Times, February 4

Note: “Mansplaining” is defined as “to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing” but also refers to the idea that a man is trying to explain something a woman already knows more about than he does.

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