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In March, Colorado prosecutors were unable to bring murder charges against a defendant who had cut open a seven-months pregnant woman and removed her child. The reason was that the baby (who died) could not be proven to have lived after she was extracted, and Colorado had no murder statute that applied to unborn children.

When state lawmakers set out to correct this legal defect, Colorado’s chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League responded with a full-scale lobbying effort against them. Even though the bill exempted legal abortions, the state abortion lobby treated this bill as the camel’s nose under the tent for their issue. They denounced it as an effort to undermine abortion rights, and just last week killed the bill in a state House committee along party lines. As a result, it’s still open season on pregnant women in the Centennial State. Happy Mother’s Day.

The abortion movement is increasingly staking out a break-don’t-bend position on the issue, based on its deep ideological commitment to unrestricted and even government-funded abortion. But at some point, the activists and campaigners will have to reckon with science and curb their fanaticism. Otherwise, they will most likely break.

~ Washington Examiner, illustrating how the abortion industry fights against legal protections for even “wanted” preborn children, May 11

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