(Not so) Pro-life vid of the day: French woman marries dead fiancé

by LauraLoo

An inconsolable French woman who goes by the name Pascale finally got her wish to marry her dead fiancé. While absurd to most of the world, France has given the nod to roughly 50 of these types of posthumous marriages each year.

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I can already hear the vows in my head… “Pascale, do you take (name) to be your lawfully wedded husband… for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health?”

“I now pronounce you deceased man and wife.”

If someone can marry a dead person, why not a trio consisting of one living wife and two corpses, one male and one female?  Where does this end?

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Simon Cowell: Fatherhood “puts things in perspective”

by Carder

Simon and Eric CowellMaybe because it puts things in perspective having two people in my life who I am responsible for. There were times last year when I would live in two rooms, y’know kitchen and bedroom, in your house. It is a weird existence when you live on your own…. On the phone all night, blah blah blah. Now the house is full of people. It has become a home rather than a house….

Everyone said, “It must be turning your life upside down,” but I love it. The dogs are mad and Lauren is not exactly the most quiet person in the world.

~ Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell (pictured with son Eric), reflecting on the effect fatherhood has had on his life, via Yahoo! Celebrity, April 8

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Pro-life blog buzz 4-8-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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  • Bound for Life reports:

    In January, the owner of the only abortion clinic in Flathead County, Montana was told that she had 90 days to move her business off of the premises. Little did she know the new owners of the building where her clinic was located were Michelle Reimer, Executive Director of pro-life pregnancy center Hope Pregnancy Ministries, and her husband.In a statement, Reimer told Democracy Now that the building was purchased as “a stand for the pro-life position in a legal, peaceful and non-confrontational way, purchasing the building in order to advance the cause of life.”

    Certainly Genesis 50:20 applies! “You planned to harm me. But God planned it for good. He planned to do what is now being done. He wanted to save many lives.”

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Wichita abortion/sex change clinic marks one year anniversary with death count


South Wind Women’s Center, housed in the Wichita abortion clinic formerly operated by murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller, just marked its one-year anniversary by announcing how many babies it had killed since opening. An article strangely removed from the Wichita Eagle’s website (and from which all other news sources are quoting), but cached on the abortion mill’s website, shares the exciting news:

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NYC’s tanning salons, eateries inspected; abortion clinics not no much

Vera-Kristin-choices-2012-300x225The state Health Department is failing to inspect many of New York’s abortion clinics – with some facilities escaping scrutiny for more than a decade, bombshell documents obtained by The Post reveal….

Eight of the 25 clinics were never inspected over the 2000-12 span, five were inspected just once, and eight were inspected only twice or three times – meaning once every four or six years.

A total of just 45 inspections were conducted at all 25 facilities during the 12-year period.

By comparison, city eateries are inspected every year and graded, while a new law requires tanning salons to undergo inspections at least once every other year….

[Kermit] Gosnell’s [Pennsylvania] clinic hadn’t been checked for 15 years before inspectors raided his facility in an unrelated prescription investigation and stumbled upon a house of horrors.

“New York has one of the highest abortion rates in the country. More oversight is needed. Abortion clinics are as much a public concern as tanning salons. There should be regular inspections of all licensed abortion clinics,” [Chiaroscuro Foundation executive director Greg] Pfundstein said.

~ New York Post, April 7

[Photo via National Organization for Women New York City]


Pro-life vid of the day: Pakistani baby accused of attempted murder

by LauraLoo

We know that life can be stranger than fiction and this story is no exception.

Mohammad Musa, a nine-month-old Pakistani baby boy, has been accused of attempted murder.

Per the family’s lawyer, Chaudhry Irfan Sadiq, Mohammad and other family members were booked for throwing rocks at gas company officials in the working-class Ahata Thanedaran neighborhood.  Observers say this clearly highlights endemic flaws in the country’s legal system.

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“Love & Hip Hop New York” star: Abortion not an option

Amina BuddaflyThat was never a question for me. When I found out, I was really shocked at the reunion, it was all new for me. But there was never really a question at my age…

I always knew that if I get pregnant at any time I’m not going to have an abortion.

So, it is what it is.

~ Love & Hip Hop New York star Amina Buddafly insisting that abortion was never an option for her in spite of her husband’s infidelity, as reported by Fashion Style, April 5

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Stanek Sunday funnies 4-6-14

Happy Sunday! Here are my top five favorite cartoons for the past week. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of the post!

We begin with a twofer by Michael Ramirez at Townhall.com:

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Sunday Word: “Whoever accepts money to kill an innocent person will be cursed”


“Whoever accepts money to kill an innocent person will be cursed.” Then all the people will say amen.

~ Deuteronomy 27:25, God’s Word translation

Stanek weekend video: Priceless reaction on becoming a big brother

by Hans Johnson

Logan Fairbanks of Hartford, Michigan, got home from school and was asked by his photographer father Josh to sit down and read a letter as he videotaped. Wondering if he was in some trouble, the 11-year-old did so as his mother Michelle looked on off-camera:

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chelsea-hillary-clinton-594by Kelli

On the one hand, the armchair thinking goes, having a grandchild may make the Iowa State Fair a less appealing place to spend the summer of 2015. Why beg donors for money at dozens of events a month when there’s a happy baby to spend time with in New York?

On the other hand, a grandchild could also heighten the pull of history for [Hillary] Clinton – the sense that she owes it to the daughters of future generations to walk the rest of the path toward becoming the most powerful woman in history….

Besides, in the vernacular of cable television, becoming a grandmother can only “humanize” Clinton, who has long been critiqued for her aloof demeanor and rigid personal discipline.

The Republican strategist Michael Goldfarb suggested the timing of the pregnancy was fortuitous for that reason, tweeting: “Just in time for HRC to have a baby on stage with her when she announces she’s running, right?”

The timing would seem to work out that way.

On Chelsea Clinton’s Facebook page, throngs of admirers noted the same hypothetical timeline. “I am sure your Mom will love having a grandchild running around the White House with her!” one wrote. Another imagined: “The first grandchild to be raised in the White house! Hillary giving the baby a bottle while giving a press conference. How wonderful!”

Still another posted a photo of an infant in a “Ready for Hillary” shirt.

~ Alexander Burns, noting some thoughts and reactions to Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy announcement, Politico, April 17

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