Singer Kelly Rowland composes lullaby to her newborn son


by Carder

I’ve waited all my life, all my life, to see ya,
I’ve been dreaming, dreaming about you…

I wondered what you would be like, you would be like,
now I’m speechless…

~Lyrics from the song Mommy’s Little Baby by singer Kelly Rowland, dedicated to her newborn son Titan Jewell, via People, November 12

Judge deciding Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati’s lawsuit is former president of Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati

blacktimothyDayton Daily News reported yesterday:

The federal judge who could decide the fate of Cincinnati’s last remaining abortion clinic has ties to the Planned Parenthood facility.

Well, it’s a little more than that.

On November 10, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio filed a lawsuit to block enforcement at its Cincinnati mill of Ohio’s law mandating that abortion clinics have transfer agreements with a nearby hospital.

The federal judge who has been assigned to the case is Timothy Black, who coincidentally served as Director of Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati from 1986-89 and President of the group in 1988.

No surprise, Black is an Obama appointee.

You may recall Black was also assigned to Susan B. Anthony v. Driehaus, wherein Democrat Steve Driehaus filed a federal complaint against the pro-life group, blaming it for his 2010 loss. Driehaus claimed SBA List lied by saying he voted for taxpayer funded abortion by supporting Obamacare.

Black sided with Driehaus but was eventually overruled – unanimously – by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Clearly, Black should recuse himself in the current case. Conflict of interest much?

Pro-life vid of the day: “Big sisters” get a surprise with dessert

by Hans Johnson

What more could these young sisters want than a couple of cookie cakes? Well it might depend on the messages that are inscribed.

YouTube Preview Image

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No, El Salvador’s abortion ban is not the cause of teen suicides

El Salvador abortionby Kelli

In countries where abortion is currently illegal, abortion advocates tend to exploit the “hard cases” (rape, incest, life of the mother) to use as weapons in their battle to liberalize abortion law.

The “women’s health” movement’s end goal isn’t really the betterment of women in general – it’s the removal of all roadblocks to abortion. And countries who resist the worldwide death march are often under immense international pressure to change their stance on the sanctity of human life.

Case in point: El Salvador, where, as Fox News reports, “girls aged 10 to 19 account[ed] for nearly a third of all pregnancies in the country last year.”

Read that again. Ages 10 to 19.

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Pill creator’s vision of future “not a world we want to live in”

brave-new-worldby Kelli

This is not a world we want to live in, although many have tried to create it for several decades now. Already, a crude form of this Brave New World has been created through the pill, a chemical weapon which women are conditioned to use on themselves.

Pregnancy is equated to a parasitic condition and an inconvenience, and by persuading women of these subtle lies, they are objectified and turned into sexual objects. Instead of being potential mothers and wives, women are now reduced to willing recreational victims of male sexual desire.

We must pray that Dr. Djerassi’s vision of a brave new world is wrong, and that the world will not turn to IVF and normalize recreational sex as the new normal. We must keep in mind that Brave New World was science fiction, and it was a cautionary tale, told for a reason.

~ Catholic Online, responding to Pill creator Carl Djerassi’s widely publicized claim that by 2050, sex will be solely for recreation and children will be conceived via IVF, November 11

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War on Women, Extreme Edition: prison for miscarriage?


Following the devastating Democrat rout last week, commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have proclaimed the “war on women” battle cry dead.

While abortion enthusiasts may now be forced to retire that exact terminology, and while they may also be forced to temper their hysterical push for free contraceptives (also because the new Republican “let’s offer them over-the-counter” counter-offensive terrifies Planned Parenthood), rest assured they will repackage the message.

In fact, they already have.

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Pro-life vid: God reassures preborn baby in Garth Brooks song

by Hans Johnson

We’re often told about the sacredness of a private relationship between a woman and her doctor. Well, another “concept” is considered in the new song, “Mom,” which Garth Brooks debuted on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Brooks told Robin Roberts it’s one of his favorites, and that “when it describes what a mom is… whew, it kills me. It’s a beautiful song. I wish I’d written it.” Judging from the audience’s reaction, he wasn’t the only one who was moved:

YouTube Preview Image

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Midterm election results not necessarily pro-life culture change

midterm election mapby Carder

In 2016, more liberals, more culture-of-death voters will be getting up off their couches and voting for the anti-life, anti-family candidate for President. They will try to convince the one third of of the so-called conservative ranks to join them–and in all likelihood, enough of them will.

We hate to be bursting these Pollyanna bubbles but, instead of conservatives and pro-lifers drinking the kool-aid and believing their own press clippings, they need to do a reality check and see it for what it more likely is: one last chance to make their case for life and family.

They have a little less than two years. The clock is ticking.

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris explaining why pro-lifers should not get carried away by the midterm election results, Church, November 11

Pro-life blog buzz 11-11-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Pro-Life Action League reports on the now-closed All Women’s Health in Chicago, run by abortionist Mandy Gittler (who was responsible for the death of Tonya Reaves at a Chicago Planned Parenthood). All Women’s has been accused of scamming women who visited for pap smears and health exams.
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Pro-life video of the day: Veterans Day tribute

by Hans Johnson

November is a month of notable military anniversaries. Yesterday was the 239th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps. Next week marks 151 years since the first reading of the Gettysburg Address. And, of course, today is Veterans Day.

While we pay tribute to all who have served in our armed forces, our thoughts inevitably go to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation’s life and liberty. One of the too many fallen was Pfc. Jesse Givens, who wrote a letter to his wife Melissa (as dramatized in this video) just a week before he was killed in Iraq in 2003. He asked her to only open it upon his death – which she did, in the maternity ward after having given birth to their second son.

We shall never forget those who, as President Lincoln said one-and-a-half centuries ago, gave “the last full measure of their devotion.”

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Emma AyresI was only able to have this abortion because a series of privileges aligned to grant me access to my right…

9. I wasn’t subjected to the abusive requirement of looking at the ultrasound before the procedure. I was given a choice. I said no.

10. I was able to tell my professors and director: “I. Had. An. Abortion. This is a difficult personal/emotional time right now,” and they supported me through it.

11. I found myself in the Rand Theater, flying over an audience, playing Peter Pan, 10 days later.

~ University of Massachusetts student Emma Ayres (pictured) describing the eleven reasons why she was privileged to be granted abortion access, The Massachusetts Daily Collegian via Socialist Worker, November 20

[Photo via Emma’s Facebook page]

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