Do women’s rights = abortion?


Because in some people’s minds, “women’s rights” is abortion. They think that if you aren’t in favor of abortion on demand, then you must be opposed to “women’s rights.”

On the other hand, they think that if you favor abortion on demand, then that’s all there is to women’s rights.

~ Rebecca Hamilton, Patheos, December 12

Stanek weekend Q: Do you regift?

I feel like taking a break from the heavy burden of our pro-life work for a fun community chat this weekend.

So! Let’s talk! This weekend’s question is: Do you regift?

I heard a report yesterday that even wealthy Americans regift!


Per the report, that regifting percentage is up 10% from last year.

If you regift, what sorts of items do you recycle? Here’s what the survey says…

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Pro-life blog buzz 12-12-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Life Training Institute, The Failed Atheist links to his excellent response to the viral UK video of a pregnant pro-choicer chastising Abort 67 pro-lifers for holding abortion victim images in front of an abortion facility. TFA responds to the woman’s arguments, such as, “It’s wrong to show abortion imagery because we don’t know why they are having an abortion,” “You’re a hypocrite because you’ve had an abortion,” and “Some of the women wanting an abortion may have been abused.”
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Pro-life vid of day: Carrie Underwood on singing for preborn son

by Kelli

Singer Carrie Underwood, expecting her first child with husband Mike Fisher, recently told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that she feels the need to sing well for her preborn son all the time – even while driving in the car – because “he’s listening”:

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The Doula Project helps “pregnant people,” not just women

by Carder

Doula Project2014 was an incredibly successful year for us that included:

● Partnering with a new public hospital in NYC to provide abortion doulas to pregnant people
● Partnering with a new birth center in NYC to provide birth doulas to pregnant people
● Partnering with a criminal justice organization to provide birth doulas to pregnant people
● Training 25 new full spectrum doulas and a new Board of Directors
● Providing doula support to thousands of pregnant people in NYC

~ Excerpt from a fundraising email in which “pregnant people” (not “women”) are the beneficiaries of The Doula Project, December 10

Pro-life vid of day: Uterus puppet roams “abortion desert”

by Hans Johnson

In the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” category comes a video called “The Abortion Desert.” Taking a cue from the idea of “food deserts” - a lack of urban grocery stores – the abortion lobby group Lady Parts Justice nervously brings attention to the dwindling number of abortion clinics.

For a serious subject, it’s an oddly sophomoric presentation (produced by Lizz Winstead, the formerly comedic co-creator of The Daily Show) which features a uterus puppet and a shirtless Chippendales dancer… er, “cowboy.”

They claim to be “a national movement using humor & outrage to remove bodily autonomy-hating local politicians in 2014 & beyond.” Failing at both, they are being bested by many pro-life groups that find nothing funny in this, and balance their outrage with caring for both mother and child (does that make us “Baby Parts Justice”?)…

YouTube Preview Image

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Parker: Yes, a woman can be both feminist and conservative

kathleen_parker_300by Kelli

Only in Washington would anyone ask this question: Can a woman be both feminist and conservative? Why, yes, she can!

But the question does deserve a more serious answer so women can stop fussing over labels and litmus tests to determine whether a woman who doesn’t fall in line with feminist ideology can be useful to society. Specifically, is a female politician worthy of women’s support in public office even though she may be pro-life or might have spent her younger years at home raising her children?

This may seem an absurd question on its face — because it is. But in reality, conservative women face far greater obstacles to public service than their more-liberal counterparts primarily because of reproductive issues. EMILY’s List, for example, anoints women candidates for public office (Translation: Are they pro-choice?) and has clout in the political realm. Conservative women needn’t apply….

Why should smart conservative women essentially be blackballed by liberals based on whether they are liberal or conservative enough on this single issue?

~ Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, December 9

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Pro-life video of the day: The empty manger

by Hans Johnson

Since 2003, the Pro-Life Action League has held an Empty Manger Christmas Caroling Event at abortion clinics. It also offers information to support the growing number of groups participating.

While the Empty Tomb is the centerpiece of Christianity, an empty womb – and manger – and crib – prevent all the miracles of life that would follow.

Here is video from some recent protests:

YouTube Preview Image

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Surprising pro-life wins in CROmnibus

House Speaker John Boehner Holds Weekly News Conference

You’ll recall that in August the California Department of Managed Health Care issued a mandate requiring all insurance issuers to immediately add surgical and RU-486 abortion coverage to their plans, even those for nonprofit religious institutions and churches.

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Woman “mooed” by coworkers for pumping breast milk

VanDePitteby Carder

When she interviewed with the company in 2012, Van De Pitte told supervisors she needed some flexibility because she had two young children and was still nursing her 1-year-old son, and would need a private space where she could pump during the work day, according to the complaint.

On her first day of work, another nursing mother told her that the “private space” was the company’s supply room. Her co-worker then cautioned her to keep her breast pump hidden because other employees thought it was “gross.”

~ Christine Pelisek reporting on the gender discrimination lawsuit brought by employee Monica Van De Pitte (pictured with her family) against a company that tolerated harassment against her, especially when she would pump breast milk, People, December 7

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by Carder

Ni QiongPlease buy my daughter. My husband is waiting for surgery fees in the hospital as his boss ran away. I would like to see my daughter and save my husband. Boss fled after industrial accident and we don’t have the money for treatment.

I’m willing to sell my child to save her father.

~ A sign held by Chinese migrant worker Ni Qiong (pictured) in desperation to help pay for her injured husband’s surgeon’s fees in China, The Daily Mail via POP Sugar, December 16

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